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We looked long and hard for the perfect black and gold light fixtures for our renovation. We wanted two or three oversized pendants above the island, a big chandelier over the dining room table, and a couple of sconces above the floating shelves in the kitchen and the piano room.

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 1

If you’ve never sourced lighting fixtures for your home, it’s hard. There are so many cool styles and colors out there; it’s hard to narrow down your options if you don’t have anything in mind. For us, we knew we only wanted black or gold, domes or drums over the island, arm swings for sconces, and a big chandelier. We also didn’t want to spend a ton of money. And lighting costs can add up fast. So I thought finding the perfect light would be easy, being we knew the style and price we needed to stick to. And I’m a big fan of mixing metals, so I wasn’t picky about the color of gold. To my surprise, we had to hunt and hunt and hunt. Since we spent months sourcing these styles of fixtures, I wanted to spare you all the pain and share our top finds of gold and black light fixtures for those of you that may be on the hunt too.

Pendant Lighting

As I said, for the island, we wanted a couple of oversized drums or domes. We had our eyes on #1, #2, and #3. We even bought them all, but we decided to go with #1 and return the rest in the end. To be honest, Jamie wasn’t a fan of any. He thought they were all way too big. But after our blogger reveal party, all the bloggers said they had to stay. And I’m a fan of oversized, so I was pumped! And hey, if we get sick of them in a couple of years, we can always easily swap them out.


Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 2


  1. Our Kitchen Light | $304
  2. Matte Black and Satin Brass | $186
  3. Fellows 1 – Light Single Bell Pendant| $86.99
  4. Knoxville Mini | $159.99
  5. Dome Pendant | $399
  6. Dark Antique Brass | $290
  7. Girard 1 – Light Single Dome Pendant (Set of 2)| $107.99
  8. Classic Tapered Metal | $129

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 3


Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 4

Since I got to chose the kitchen lighting, I let Jamie choose the dining room. At first, I wanted a couple of dome lights, but Jamie was persistent in putting up a chandelier.

We used this same light in a client’s home this past fall, so we knew we liked it. It’s simple and classic.

Chandeliers can be extremely pricey too. I had my eyes on #5, but in the end, Jamie won the vote!

We plan to build a big dining room table soon, and Jamie wanted the light to be spread across the table, not just be right smack dab in the middle.



Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 5

  1. Our Dining Room Chandelier, 251 1st Kenwood Vintage | $369.90
  2. George Kovacs Pontil Honey Gold | $449.95
  3. Driscoll 5 Light 2″ Wide Chandelier | $209.90
  4. 251 First Fulton Back Iron Eight- Light | $858
  5. Artcraft Castello Black and Aspen Wood Six- Light | $753
  6. Forge Industrial 7-Light | $207.69 ( Similar )
  7. Rustic 8-Light | $259.99 ( Similar )

Wall Sconces

Oh, I was so excited about these! This was an easy one to find. I wanted gold arm swings above the floating shelves and saw these on sale at Wayfair at the time for under $100.

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 6

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 7

For the piano room, I wanted to have black sconces to complement the black shiplap wall. I’ve had my eye on this style for a while, and again when I saw them online for under $50, I was sold and bought them immediately.

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 8

Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 9


Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 10

  1. Our Kitchen Gold Wall Sconces | $158
  2. Our Piano Room 1 Light Barn Light | $34.36
  3. Rondon 1 – Light Armed Sconce | $83.99
  4. Angelina Modern 1-Light Wallchiere | $82.49
  5. Savoy House Black Wall Swing | $170
  6. Savoy House Monroe with Shade | $174

Ceiling Lighting

We didn’t end up doing any ceiling lighting, but we were contemplating doing some over the sink and in the entrance but decided not to.

Our current living room which is right off the kitchen has a large outdated fan with no light, and we’re going to swap that out with a ceiling light soon.

So I’ve had my eyes on some of these, and they are still some of my favorites.


Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 11

  1. Breit 3 – Light 22.88″ Semi Flush Mount | $136.99
  2. Dibble 1 – Light 10.75″ Semi-Flush Mount | $108.99
  3. Classic Ribbed Glass Globe | $139
  4. Mongillo 5 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier | $347.99
  5. Minka- Lavery Harbour Point 2- Light | $194.95
  6. Mill & Mason Bridgewater | $344.95
  7. Canarm Oxyura 2-Light | $143.59
  8. Eglo Drum | $239.99


Black and Gold Light Fixtures | Ultimate Guide 12

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  1. Hi Morgan I have been searching black and gold over sized pendants and found yours, stunning. I notice you got them from Houzz. Can you let me know the size you chose.

  2. Thank you!!! Glad we could help be an inspiration to you! I would do 1 light above on each side… but I guess it depends on how wide the area is and how small the lights are…? 🙂

  3. Love these lights! I have a question and wanted advice—what if I did floating shelves on either side of a fireplace….should I do two lights per side or one?

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