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We just wrapped up another fun project, and we’re soooo excited to share this one with you. Working with this family was a dream. I love a good story so have to share…this client is from Chicago and moved to Minnesota. They worked with my childhood best friend at the Chicago hospital. You guys, this is why I’m a firm believer that you never know who is going to bring you to who and into whomever’s lives for whatever reason. So thankful for my friend and meeting this family and that they trusted and hired us to do this work in their home.

They live in a beautiful home in The Lakes in Blaine and when they built their home, finished off the basement but didn’t have the opportunity to make it exactly how they wanted.

When they reached out to us, they asked for an estimate on custom built-ins, fireplace, tilework, mantle, tile in front of their patio walkout, paint entire space, a chair rail and a chalkboard wall for their boys.

We gave them a quote but also knew they had the talent to paint, do the chair-rail and the chalkboard wall so suggested to them that they DIY to save more money there and be able to put more into the built-in feature. They were on board, and they did such a great job!

We started with design planning with this client. We sketched up the cabinet work, went out tile shopping together and got the fireplace, hardware, and paint colors perfectly sourced before we got to work. Once that was all finalized we got materials ordered, and Jamie got to work on the custom cabinetry.

Blaine Basement Built-ins 1

Jamie worked hard on these cabinets, and I’m so proud of him. He never ceases to amaze me time and time again. They turned out better than I could have imagined.

A few design details that we chatted and went back and forth with the clients on was doing inset cabinets and adjustable shelving or not. I’m a huge advocate of inset cabinetry. Inset means the door sits inside of the face frame instead of sticking out. However, inset doors are also a lot more expensive. I was so happy that in the end, the client wanted inset.

One of the mistakes we made, that we gotta admit Jamie put in adjustable shelving. Guess he was up too late one night and screwed all the holes. But it was all good; he was able to cover them up, sand them down, and repaint which only delayed us by a day.

Let’s first rewind back to show you the before space.

Blaine Basement Built-ins 2

And then we got to framing in their new fireplace space…

Blaine Basement Built-ins 3

And the after…

Blaine Basement Built-ins 4

Blaine Basement Built-ins 5

I also decided to pick up a reclaimed mantle at Manomin Resawn Timbers, just to see, the day before it was installed. I knew our clients weren’t farmhouse type people, but I am a sucker for reclaimed wood and I love how farmhouse doesn’t have to be your style to incorporate it into a modern design. I was sooo excited when the client loved it! And she couldn’t believe that she would.


Blaine Basement Built-ins 6

Blaine Basement Built-ins 7

Blaine Basement Built-ins 8

Blaine Basement Built-ins 9

Blaine Basement Built-ins 10

Blaine Basement Built-ins 11

Blaine Basement Built-ins 12

Blaine Basement Built-ins 13

Blaine Basement Built-ins 14

Blaine Basement Built-ins 15

Blaine Basement Built-ins 16

Blaine Basement Built-ins 17

Blaine Basement Built-ins 18

Blaine Basement Built-ins 19

Blaine Basement Built-ins 20

Blaine Basement Built-ins 21

Blaine Basement Built-ins 22

This was such a fun project, and it’s already led us to two more clients that want this same look. Sometimes all your basement needs is a little built-in action.

We also styled all of the shelving and were so happy when the clients decided to keep it all.

We’re going to miss this family! I’m just praying that they’ll have another project for us again.

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We showed up the last day to style the home and here our clients adorable baby boy wrote this message for us. Literally made me cry!

Blaine Basement Built-ins 23

And then shortly after, they wrote this on their own personal Facebook page.

We love you guys so much and every single word means more than you know. Until next time beautiful Blaine family… XOXO

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Blaine Basement Built-ins 24

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