16 Gift Giving Books that Impact Change

16 Gift Giving Books that Impact Change 1

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One of my favorite things to gift is books. And nothing is better than receiving a gift of a book with meaning and purpose behind it.

Something that makes you think deeper and differently. Something someone else read and loved and wanted to share that same joy with you.

My cousin recently gifted me, Breathing Makes it Better. A children’s book yet that is perfect for any adult. One I’ve read many times and now read to my babies. A book for sad days, mad days, glad days, and all the feelings in-between. 

If you saw on Instagram, I was recently in Costa Rica – working on my own self-care, my inner self, and learning how to breathe. I’ll be honest – it’s rare I take the time to slow down to breathe.

Something so simple can make such a big difference that we rarely take the time to do. It reminded me of this book, Breathing Makes it Better.

Not only was I told but we took the time to learn and do these breathing practices with Root and River Goddesses. When life, work, family, or friends seem a bit much to learn how to breathe and remind yourself that all is okay.

We also did practices to love ourselves a bit deeper. As in another one of my favorite books that I have gifted my nieces taught me – “I am Enough.” A book to teach us how to love ourselves a bit more.

Because gosh dangit, we are more than enough! When was the last time you told yourself that you are enough?

When was the last time you told yourself – “I love you.”? I also learned through the Root and River Goddesses in Costa Rica – you are not your emotion.

Think about that. You are not your emotion. Something I wrote in my journal and remind myself daily.

Feelings come in go just as quickly as your breath in and out. This is what a lot of these books relate to.  

Today I wanted to round up some of my favorites for you if you’re looking for an impactful gift for someone despite their age or just a new read for yourself. 

All of which I have gifted or read and have made an impact on our family’s lives. Books that require you to think a bit deeper and take action, learn how to breathe, treat each other better, or love yourself a bit more. Books that I truly believe if we all lived it, would change the world. 

Hope you enjoy them as much as our family does. 

16 Gift Giving Books that Impact Change

Books that Can Impact Change, for Good

1. Black is a Rainbow Color | 2. Two Friends | 3. Can I Touch Your Hair| 4. Just As I Am | 5. Becoming | 6. The Hill We Climb | 7. Mediocre | 8. I Dissent | 9. Say it Louder! | 10. I Am Enough | 11. Caste, The Origins of Discontents | 12. We are Water Protectors | 13. The ABCs of Black History | 14. All Because YOU Matter | 15. Change Sings | 16. Not pictured Breathing Makes it Better

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