Brand Story Workshop- October 11

brand story workshop with tim brown | construction2style

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At one of our most recent SEO workshops, we got to hear from Tim Brown of Hook Agency chat on search engine optimization (SEO). He’s one of my friends, I’ve heard him speak, pitch, sell, and more 100x and my mind was still blown.

Brand Story Workshop- October 11 1

If ya missed it…

Good news, he is coming back on October 11th, with his lovely wife Bea, and tickets are on sale now.

construction2style and Alta Events are teaming up to bring you a chance to learn from the experts alongside other professionals. We are bringing Tim Brown and Bea Bonte of Hook Agency into the construction2style office back for this workshop chatting all about building your brand story.

Brand Story Workshop- October 11 2

Hook Agency, is a boutique digital agency out of Minneapolis. They specializes in combining visual design and SEO that began in 2012 as ‘Tim B Design,’ and has served clients large and small, from the Mall of America to Sustainable9.

Hook Agency loves to help companies represent themselves better online with their professional web design services, and get them more traffic and business with SEO.

At this workshop, you can learn how to keep your brand story consistent across your digital footprint.Tim and Bea will teach you about:

What is brand story?

What exactly is your brand story and what does that look like practically? Tim and Bea will dig into this topic to help you understand.

An emotionally resonant brand

After understanding brand story, Tim and Bea will explain how to make sure your brand story is emotionally resonant.

Level of Social Posting

What level of social posting fits with your brand? Learn what the most strategic level of social posting is best for you and your brand.

Brand Personality

Tim and Bea will help you discover your brand personality and how you can keep it consistent. Be sure to grab your ticket to this workshop! We can’t wait to see you at the construction2style office to hear from Tim and Bea of Hook Agency. Come to enjoy drinks and learn together!

GRAB YOUR TICKETS HERE. We’ll bring the donuts and beer. And we’ll see ya there!

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