SEO Workshop with Hook Agency

SEO Workshop with Hook Agency 1

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Our 2nd SEO workshop, talking SEO. Grab your ticket HERE.

There is a lot behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially when you want to create a strategy with intent. From alt text to meta descriptions, from guest posting to creating content regularly, from keyword research to funneling your perfect lead-in, SEO is never-ending. And sometimes these topics can seem daunting or really overwhelming. So we’re bringing in people to make it simple for you.

We’re going to have a few SEO workshops rolling out throughout the summer.

First, we’re bringing in Tim Brown from Hook Agency to chat more in-depth about content creation on your platforms.

Tim Brown, SEO Expert Minneapolis, MN | Hook Agency

And then in July, we’ll have Elliot from Hiprenuer who will focus on immediate actions you can take. We’ll be releasing tickets for this workshop later in June.

With these two guys guiding you, I have no doubt you’ll be ranking page one in no time.

Tim Brown owns Hook Agency, a boutique digital agency out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that specializes in combining visual design and SEO. And he happens to be a good friend of mine.

Hook Agency | Minneapolis, MN SEO agency doing an SEO workshop

Hook Agency loves helping companies better represent themselves online with their professional web design services and get them more traffic and business with SEO.

Tim Brown, owner of Hook Agency | SEO, web design boutique in Minneapolis, MN

In June, Tim will explain how you can use keywords in your online presence to boost more searches and get more traction online. This means your website will show up in more Google searches and, in turn, bring more people to your website! He will also speak on how you can create strategic content even when it’s hard to come up with content.

Tim will also be focusing on:

Guest Posting

Bringing in guests to your blog comes with a ton of benefits. First of all, guest posting allows you to build more and stronger relationships. You will also capture a much wider audience through guest posting and build your reputation as an expert in your field. Tim will explain more on guest posting and how it can enhance your strategy in this workshop.

Industrial Strength Back-linking

Tim will also speak on the importance of back-linking for your SEO strategy. By back-linking, you can build your brand reputation by bringing more traffic to your site. The more strategic your links are, the bigger your audience will be!

We hope you can join us at the construction2style office on June 14th where we will enjoy drinks and donuts and hear from Tim who has years of experience and expertise in this field.

If you haven’t registered yet, do so here before the tickets sell out.

We can’t wait to hug and have some fun with you!

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