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Accent Walls

How to Cope Trim

December 14, 2020
How to Cope Trim 1

Wondering how to cope trim? Or even what coping trim means? Coping or scribing is the woodworking technique of shaping the end of a molding to neatly fit the molding…


How to Make Homemade Paint

September 3, 2019
How to Make Homemade Paint | construction2style

The boys’ new favorite hobby is painting! They’ve really been into painting all of their toys and especially their little toy cars. The other day, I walked into their room,…

Interior Design & Styling

How to Wallpaper a Wall 101

April 2, 2018
wallpaper 101 | construction2style

Last fall we wrote a post about 7 best spaces for wallpaper, and since then we’ve been busy putting wallpaper up all over our home. First was Beckam’s nursery, and…

Accent Walls

How to Drywall

January 3, 2018
drywall tutorial with construction2style

Materials: Poly Drywall Screw Gun Screws Corner Bead Utility Knife Square Mud Mud Pan Drywall Knife Drywall Tape Corner Trowel Sanding block 5 Gal bucket with water Mixing paddle Poly: This…

Materials Drywall Utility Knife Mud Drywall Tape Trowel Square Drywall: Depending on the size of the hole you can either buy an entire sheet which is typically 4 feet by 8,…