Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel

Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 1

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WAHOO! We just wrapped up a fabulous bathroom remodel project last week, and we’re sharing all the details today.

As you guys know, our clients are our favorite people. And nothing is better than when they come back again and again needing another room done, and this client is one of them. Last year these guys had us build them white built-ins around their fireplace. This year they wanted us to remodel their master bathroom completely.

This client has awesome taste and is super easy to work with, so we knew it was going to be a fun project! Their bathroom wasn’t that outdated, but they wanted a little refresh to make the space brighter and feel bigger.  So we knew exactly what to go with, a transitional grey and white design.

Transitional style uses a ton of clean and simple lines, neutral colors, natural materials, and comfortable style without excessive accents. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles.

Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 2

It seems white, off-white, and grey are the top cabinet color choices for bathrooms and even kitchens right now. It is a classic look that can complement many different styles and designs, and we’re all about using it. And by using a neutral color for the cabinets, other design elements are better able to stand out.


So of course, the most fun part, let’s take you back to the before’s…

The one thing they knew they wanted to go was their large jetted tub that took up quite a bit of space and then left that space to the right that they weren’t ever entirely sure what to do with. So of course, we recommended taking it all out and putting in a large free standing tub.

Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 3

We did suggest leaving their shower and toilet area the same size as is, but just creating a larger space by adding in light tiles from floor to ceiling and a frameless shower door.

Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 4

We also recommended getting a new vanity, mirrors and adding some beautiful scone lighting and switching up the flooring.


Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 5


And here’s what we came up with…


The soaking tub and fixture were definitely the piece we wanted to shine in this project. We got this baby from Wayfair, and it wasn’t our first time using it. All of our clients that have gone with this selection have loved it. At first, everyone has been a little hesitant, thinking it is smaller than it seems but we’ve gotten a bunch of great feedback saying it’s really comfortable to take baths in as it’s super deep and there’s more room than you think.


Another fun thing we incorporated were three corner shelves in the shower, two higher and one lower. Our client actually had seen this in a home and thought what a great idea as the lower shelf allows you to conveniently shave your legs. Genious! I am totally stealing that idea for future renovations. The shower space isn’t overly large, so the client wanted just some simple light and bright tiles. These are also our go-to tiles and not our first time using them. But again, everyone’s favorites! We got all the shower tile from The Tile Shop.











The vanity we picked up from Signature Hardware. We order a lot of our vanities through them. We’ve had really good experience and it’s been one of the top places to get the biggest bang for our buck. They have really nice and unique vanities that come with all the bells and whistles. We’ve had yet to have a bad experience through them and all of our clients have had nothing but great things to say.





And lastly, the floor tile, again we’ve frequently used this Leona Lewis tile from Lowe’s. Even in our last home and it’s one of our favorites. Such a nice subtle color, yet, makes a statement…and the best part – hides all the hair!




So there you have it, our full before and after, plus all the details below with links for sources of our latest contemporary grey and white bathroom remodel.

Floor Tile: Leonia Silver | Lowes
Wall Color: Revere Pewter | Benjamin Moore
Shower Floor Tile: Hampton Carrara Tumbled Hex Marble | Tile Shop
Shower Wall Tile: White Glossy Subway | Home Depot
Soaking Bathtub: Soho | Wayfair
Bathtub Faucet: Faucet Direct
Decor: Timber & Tulip
Vanity: Signature Hardware
Lighting: Pearson Shade Scone | Pottery Barn
Mirror: Astor Mirror | Pottery Barn 



IMG_7938-2 Transitional Grey & White Bathroom Remodel 6














If you’re looking to stage your bathtub, check out this guide!




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