Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 1

A few weeks ago, our team traveled to the Delta Faucet Company headquarters in Indianapolis! We went with a group from Minnesota, thanks to the North Central Sales team. It was such a fun trip and we learned a lot about the products Delta carries. If you didn’t know, the Delta Faucet Company brand includes not only Delta Faucets but Brizo and Peerless as well. 

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 2

When we got to their headquarters, we had some appetizers and drinks while meeting everyone else in our group. It was a great group from Minnesota and we loved getting to know other designers and people in the industry.

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 3

Touch Technology

We first learned about their Touch 2.0 Technology. One of their engineers explained how Delta’s touch is different than other faucet companies, since it uses technology similar to the touch screen on our phones. This makes it much more effective, allowing just a tap to turn the faucet on and off. Another bonus is that if the faucet has been on for four minutes, it will automatically shut off before your drain would overflow.

Voice IQ

A new feature that is getting introduced to these faucets as well is Voice IQ. This smart system works with Alexa or Google Home and allows you to tell your faucet how much water you would like. In addition, you can tell your faucet to warm up, so that you have the perfect temperature when you go to fill your pasta pot or baby bottle.

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 4

We got to use this touch technology first hand as we did some canvas painting! The boys were loving it as you can tell…haha.

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 5

We all made our creations with our fingers and the paint and then would use the touch technology to wash our hands without getting any paint on the faucets. And a bonus, they’re sending us the art we made in the mail!

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 6

The next day was full of training on Peerless, Delta, and Brizo.


Peerless is a lower price point, but a high quality line of faucets. They are adding more modern designs and additional finishes, rolling out in 2020.


Delta is the mid-range price point for faucets and the line where Delta Faucet Company started. The amount of kitchen and bath products Delta has is extensive and they have so many different designs and finishes. We also got to learn about how these faucets are designed and how the technology is created. It was super cool to hear from product designers, engineers, and product managers about how these faucets go from start to finish.

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 7


Brizo is the luxury brand of Delta Faucet Company. They focus on more exclusive designs, as these faucets are only available to the trade. The designs range from modern to traditional and are inspired from shows and conferences around the world. Typically, the Brizo line pushes the boundaries more and people either love or hate the designs. We love them and think the Brizo faucets are so beautiful!

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 8

Later that night, we went out to dinner at Public Greens. This restaurant was started by a woman who now owns multiple farm-to-table restaurants in Indy. With the profits from these restaurants, she helps provide 1,500 meals a week to kids that need them. Not only was the food incredible, but the mission behind them was super cool!

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 9

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 10

And then we headed to 16 Bit, an 80’s themed bar and arcade in downtown Indy. 

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 11

Before we headed home, we learned more about the rough-in valves, installation of the faucets, and got to walk around their amazing showroom. We already loved Delta before this trip and now we can’t wait to use their faucets even more! Thanks so much to Delta Faucet Company for having us!

Discover Delta Faucet Company Trip in Indy 12




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