Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase?

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

Technology is quickly becoming a big part of all of our lives, and that includes the kitchen as well! Like we saw at KBIS this year, smart appliances continue to be big in 2020. You may be wondering, though, which smart appliances are worth the purchase. Today, we’re sharing the smart appliances we love.

Remote Controlled Hoods

We love Zephyr hoods and their Lux island hood comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to turn it on, adjust lighting, and control the speed. In this kitchen, the range was in the island and rather than having a hood hanging down between the columns, this ceiling hood allows for ventilation and is not blocking the sightline.

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

When clients are looking to incorporate statement hoods in their kitchen, our go-to brand for inserts is Zephyr. Their inserts also come with remotes, which we love!

Price Point

Hood inserts can range from $500-$1,000, and the island hood comes in around $2,500. 

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

Touch Technology Faucets

We are BIG fans of Delta’s Touch 2.0 Technology. Back in November, our team headed out to Indianapolis to the Delta Faucet Company headquarters and learned all about their technology, designs, and company.

If you are wary of touch faucets because of public restroom ones that seem to never work, think again. These faucets use the same technology as your finger on the screen on your cellphone. This ensures that the faucet will only turn on and off with a tap, but recognizes a grab of the pull-out spray or moving of the faucet, so it keeps the water going.

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

Delta is working on getting this technology incorporated into all of their collections, including faucets for the bathroom. We love that there are so many different styles and finishes that have the touch technology. These faucets also work with Google Assistant or Alexa to dispense certain amounts of water, warm up your water, and change the flow rate.

Price Point

The price point on touch faucets can range from $250-$1,000, depending on the collection and finish you’re looking for, but the average cost is about $500. Typically it’s $100-200 more than the standard faucet to get it with the touch feature.

It’s definitely worth the money because after installing one in my home during my kitchen refresh, I have started touching every faucet, thinking it’s going to be touch!

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

WiFi Connected Ranges

In Morgan and Jamie’s kitchen remodel, they chose to go with an induction range and LOVE it. This GE Profile Slide-in Induction Convection Range comes with WiFi Connect, which allows you to tell Alexa or Google to turn on the oven, preheat the oven, set the timer, and change the temperature. You can also use the app to use these features as well.

With the convection, food also cooks faster and more evenly because hot air is blowing onto food directly rather than surrounding it. Another plus is that it saves energy since the food is cooking faster at a lower temperature. And the stovetop heats up so much faster than gas or electric and is only hot when connected to the pan, so it’s great for cooking with kids around.

Which Smart Appliances Are Worth The Purchase? | construction2style

Price Point

This range is $2,700, but price points for WiFi-connected ranges start at $1,500 and go all the way up to luxury appliances at $10,000+.

Mercury Mosaics custom backsplash, handcrafted tiles | construction2style

Those are just a few of our favorite smart appliances and we can’t wait to incorporate more into our own home and in our clients’ homes in the coming months. Do you have a favorite smart appliance? We’d love to know about it!

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