DIY Easter Eggs Styles

DIY Easter Egg Ideas | construction2style

Ever since I was a kid, Easter has always been one of my favorites. But let’s be honest, what holiday don’t I like?

My mom would get me a fun new dress with a hat (of course), and best of all, my brothers and I would go on a mad scavenger hunt around our house after church and find the biggest baskets overflowing with gifts. Not that, Easter is all about the basket…but it made for some happy memories.

Now in my adult married years and living close to Jamie’s parents we’ve spent every Easter with them, and they always put on the best scavenger hunt around their yard, and we all get to search for the Gold egg that usually has $20 bucks in it.

Doesn’t matter how old we get, we’re all still a kid at heart, right?! I am so grateful that Jamie and I get to carry on both of our families’ traditions with our boys.

And one of them for both of us was coloring Easter eggs! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the traditional one dye egg or getting creative with them, it’s always a fun activity.

But this year, we wanted to spice it up and think up some fun new Easter egg painting ideas!

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

1. Easter Egg Succulents

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

Everyone is a fan of succulents nowadays, and everyone also tells me that if you’re a plant killer, this is the one you can keep alive. Well, for me, this is the only plant I can’t keep alive! Haha! No joke. So I have to either opt for the fake ones or now…easter egg ones at least for the next month.

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

All we did to make these was take a green marker and dot straight down in vertical lines and then dropped it in green dye. Once it was dry, we put a little glue on the top and tore off a little bit of tissue paper and scrunched it at the top.

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

Sprinkle Fun

Greyson is a big fan of sprinkles. As in he literally wants to put sprinkles on anything that goes into his mouth. So we pulled some inspiration and used his crayons to draw a whole bunch of tiny lines around the egg to make it look like sprinkles. No dye required here!

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

Pantone for the Designer Office Decor

I mean, we are working with colors non-stop, so we have the Pantone colors on our mind! Thought these would be cute for some office decor. Just held half the egg in the colored dye, and once dry, labeled with a marker the Pantone name and number.

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

Keep it Simple, Fun Sayings

Sometimes it’s all about keeping it simple. Throwing your eggs in dye, and once dry, writing some fun sayings on them just for when the scavenger hunt comes along!

DIY Easter Eggs | construction2style

Once we were done making all of our cute eggs, we let Greyson’s creative juices flow, and this is what he came up with…

DIY Easter Eggs Styles 1

Haha! They looked like a lot of paintings I see out there; I loved them all! And I love to let our boys just use their creative minds with no guidance given.

Here are a few other ones we found online that we loved and will re-create in the weeks to come!

Pineapple Eggs

I can’t get over how adorable these are from Studio DIY! You can find the tutorial here –> DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs Styles 2

Moss Eggs

Moss is another thing I can’t get enough of within our walls or planters out in front of our home that are now two years strong! When I came across these, I was in awe! Genius. You can find the full tutorial from The Merrythought here –> DIY Moss Design Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs Styles 3

Stackable Egg Tablescape

Of course, leave it to Martha Stewart! Stackable Easter eggs for your table centerpiece…and at first looking at the picture I was like no way, but the tutorial is yes way! Totally doable. I might have to give this one a try!

Stackable Easter Egg Centerpiece

DIY Easter Eggs Styles 4

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