Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After

Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 1

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Say hello to (#EwingInEdina), a full kitchen design and remodel project we recently completed in Edina, MN.

This was a fun one to design out! Our client wanted a very modern, mid-century vibe for their Edina kitchen.

Mid-century modern is so popular at present that it has become a buzzword and has come to mean a lot of different things. This style typically has clean lines, and a cool vibe and is considered timeless and fresh.

One must-have was that our clients wanted Walnut cabinetry with terrazzo floor tile, and we were all about it! Here was the whole vibe we were going with.


    Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 2


As you can see, the kitchen was separated from the dining and living room and the main cooking area space was limited. One of the things we did to create more space was to take down the wall that was previously splitting the two rooms.

Our clients love to cook and also have family and friends over. So with this, they can now cook while hanging out and entertaining.

Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 3

This area by the door was also limited. We opened up that closet and created a seating area that also had storage, which doubled the space.

And where you see that window, we removed to be able to have more cabinetry space.

 Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 4

Where you see the sink and an additional window we also replaced with the cooktop and a ventilated hood. And moved the sink to where the cooktop once was and put it into the peninsula. 

Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 5

Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 6

Ewing Edina Kitchen After

And the after! So much more kitchen storage, free open space and area to host and entertain!

Wooden kitchen cabinet idea | construction2style

Gold kitchen faucet | construction2style

Modern wooden kitchen cabinets | construction2style

Kitchen decor ideas | construction2style

Modern wood kitchen cabinets | construction2style

White square kitchen backslash | construction2style

Kitchen cabinet decor | construction2style

 Dark cabinet kitchen ideas | construction2style

Dark cabinet kitchen ideas | construction2style

Modern wood cabinet ideas | construction2style

Blue mudroom design | construction2style

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Ewing Edina Kitchen


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Ewing In Edina Kitchen Reveal | Before & After 7
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