Fall to Winter, How to Transition your Decor

fall to winter, how to transition your decor

The crisp autumn air, fall leaves, and pumpkin everything is here. There’s just something about the seasons changing that gives you a little refresh on life. And with a new season comes new holidays and new decor.

Fall is my absolute favorite season, but Christmas is, hands down, the best holiday. And I love decorating for all of them all! However, I feel like going from fall and into winter we cover so many holidays it’s hard to redecorate for them all.

One of my favorite things about living in Minnesota is the change of seasons. And here in Minnesota, they are all pretty drastic. I lived in Huntington Beach, CA for a handful of years and it made me appreciate every season more because there are no drastic changes of seasons. Even though California is beautiful…I missed the smell of rain, thunderstorms, fall leaves, and snow at Christmas. I just couldn’t live without those things which brought me back to this crazy state of -30 below ha!

Since our seasons are so short, I’m always looking for ways to style our home in ways that can transition into the next season or at least be able to carry the majority of the decor over with slight changes to freshen it up. It’s always great to have new and fun stylish pieces whether store bought or DIY. So today I rounded up and created some fun projects for you to try this fall, and we’re also live on WCCO this morning at 5:30 and 6:30 am chatting about all of them.

Bring in the Warmth

A quick and easy way to refresh your space is updating your throw pillows and bringing out and styling your blankets. Don’t just have your blankets shoved in a cabinet, but rather think of a fun way to style those warm and cozy blankets. We got this adorable ladder at a flea market and it makes for the perfect blanket holder in our family room. During the summer months, we keep most of our warm blankets stored away, so I use this ladder in our bathroom for our towels.

Swapping out our pillows is something I love to do with the change of seasons too. During the summer months, we have cool, blue tone pillows and during the winter it’s all about the soft golds and metallics with furry textures.

Find some fun fall pillows by clicking on the photos:

faux fur throw pillow

fall leaf throw pillow

soft gold metallic pillow


Refresh Your Mantle Decor

Updating your mantle decor is another easy way to redecorate for the seasons without completely rearranging your entire space. We always recommend going with a neutral color scheme and picking a fun accent color, which allows you to transition your mantle decor from holiday to holiday without completely tearing down and setting up a new display.

Soft blush pink is really hot right now so instead of the traditional orange and yellow for this fall, we’re going white and pink through the fall and into Christmas.

Once you’ve decided on your color palette, it’s time to style your mantle. Pick a large focal point piece for the mantle. Below, we used a sign that we got from Projects in Person (which you can DIY at their studio if you’re in Minnesota). I love this saying, “Let’s Stay Home,” because I can’t think of anything more I want to do in the fall and winter months. Mirrors, frames, or a reclaimed piece of barn wood (like we’re showing this morning on WCCO), also work great for the large focal piece.

Once you’ve propped your focal piece up, find 1-2 medium sized pieces to add to one side of the mantle. Then add in a mix of eclectic decor throughout such as bowls of pumpkins, candlesticks, and frames with printables.

Then as you move into Thanksgiving, you don’t need to swap out anything on your mantle that you don’t want to, as these pieces all transition through this whole season. Once Christmas hits, you just need to throw out the pumpkins and bring in the trees and you’re set.

One of our favorite things, printables, are so great for the holidays. We created these for you to download for free and update your frames for the fall season.

Free Fall Printables

fall print

fall pumpkin spice print

October fall print

it's fall y'all print


PDF versions to download:

fall words

pumpkin spice

world with Octobers

it’s fall y’all

Shop Your Yard

We’re all about bringing the outdoors in as much as we can. Get outside and collect leaves, sticks, pinecones, greenery, birch logs, and whatever else you see outside that inspires you for your space. Chop it down and bring it inside. Add some spray paint, glitter, or paint to your pieces. And be sure to let your pieces dry out for a few days before you start DIY-ing.

Autumn Garland

Not only do we love the look of styling with natural elements in a home, but it’s also free. Take some of the pieces you find outside and create an autumn garland. Feathers, pine cones, sticks, and anything natural will look awesome. You can hang these in front of your mantle, up on a wall or even drape it along your table landscape.


Decorative Logs

Find that extra wood in your backyard or pick up some firewood and spraypaint the ends. It adds that extra pop and looks awesome next to a fireplace or next to a couch in your living room. We love how this one combines the natural look with the metallic gold, which is very in right now. Leave this out for style in your home all the way up until spring. Besides the gold, we used pink on some of the logs to add that pop of color.

Source: Crafts by Courtney

Add an Accent Wall

Wallpaper is the new thing right now, so why not get the look of wallpaper throughout the seasons? Add an accent wall to your bathroom, under the stairs, or in your entry. Showing on WCCO this morning, we have feathers and leaves for fall. Then once fall is over, you can easily remove this and put up gold foil Christmas trees. They have a ton of fun options for every holiday. Paper Riot’s wall decals from Target is our favorite brand to use for these.

Paint your Pumpkins

I’ve always been the worst pumpkin carver. I usually just make a giant smiley face every year and call it good. So this year we’re going all paint. Pink is super hot this season in homes and since Jamie won’t quite let me paint our walls yet (ha!), I thought it would be fun to bring in some pink tones for Halloween that can transition into Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas. So we’re going black, white and pink pumpkins.

Source: Style & Cheek

Add Pumpkin Baskets Galore

The simplest and easiest way to decorate for fall is with adorable pumpkins, which you can find everywhere, so it’s time to dig out your baskets and get them filled with pumpkins. If you’re sticking with the fall colors, oranges, yellows, and greens, fill your wicker or woven baskets with a colorful collection of pumpkins, squash, and gourds. You can keep these out throughout the fall season. Afer Halloween I like to paint them white for Thanksgiving, which lets them stay out even longer. Since this year I’m incorporating pops of pink for our fall decor, I’m going all white pumpkins and then painting a few pink.

Create a Centerpiece

Entertaining is so fun, but sometimes it can feel daunting to come up with a pretty tablescape. We love how this one incorporates those white pumpkins we already have with cozy candles, antlers, and white fabric bunches. This is something you could use throughout the fall season and would be a perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

Source: Tone on Tone

Pumpkin Planters

Heap mounds of pumpkins into your planters. I always save foam from packages we get and use that foam to stuff the planters. That way you don’t need to fill your planters full of dirt and in this case, pumpkins. Fill your planters with pumpkins in various colors and sizes.


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