Five Tips for Living Large in a Small Space

Big city life is fun and exciting but many of the apartments and homes tend to be on the smaller side. They can require a lot of planning and organization to get the perfect layout. Luckily, there are design answers to this problem!

Tip 1: Be bold! Eye-grabbing accents like an interesting plant or avant-garde art piece can take attention off the size and architecture of your space which may be all you need to wow not only guests, but also yourself.
Nadeau, Furniture with a Soul bright green bookshelf featured on construction2style
Tip 2: Add mirrors to give the illusion of a bigger space. You can do this through a large grouping of small mirrors or one large one. You may even try using other decorative décor with a reflective surface. This illusion will instantly make your apartment seem bigger and roomier.
Nadeau, Furniture with a Soul pale pink entry table with a drawer featured on construction2style

Tip 3: Utilize alternative seating options that allow for easy storage like fordable or stackable chairs that can be hidden against a wall. If you are looking for something more permanent, pick multipurpose seating, like a chair with many rungs to hold scarves or blankets.
Tip 4: For small bathrooms or entry ways, use fabric with large patterns to make the space feel more open. Since these rooms tend to be windowless as well, pick a brighter color pallet and make sure there is plenty of light. Depending on the look you want, candles or lamps can be great choices for these spaces.
Tip 5: A place for everything, and everything in its place. When picking pieces to fill your small home, look for furniture with plenty of storage to help you organize the items that are important to you. If you are worried about “hiding things” away – go through your sentimental items and keep only things that matter most to you and remind you of happy memories.
Nadeau, Furniture with a Soul teal end table with drawers featured on construction2style
This post was written by Sadie Range of Nadeau Imports. Nadeau sells unique, high quality, hardwood furniture and home accessories at extremely affordable prices. Founded in 1991 as wholesale furniture warehouses occasionally open to the public, with 24 stores currently across the US. Nadeau pieces are all handcrafted, never mass-produced, solidly built and designed to adapt to the changing lifestyles and décor of its customers for years to come; Nadeau is Furniture with a Soul.
Nadeau, Furniture with a Soul red side table featured on construction2styleNadeau, Furniture with a Soul bright blue end table featured on construction2style
Nadeau, Furniture with a Soul wood end table with wheels featured on construction2style



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