Friday Favorite with The Divine Living Space

Hey guys, happy Friday! We’re back today with one of our favorites, Stephanie from The Divine Living Space. 

We met the beautiful Stephanie through Instagram. Her Insta is one to follow for design inspiration. And you can find it HERE. When we came across her Insta account, it was love at first site. Not only does she create incredible spaces but you can tell she is a wonderful human being inside and out just through her stories in her posts. Not only does she run her own interior design business, she is a momma to 4 beautiful humans and she owns and operates the Twin Cities Moms Blog of Duluth. 

So today we wanted to introduce you to Stephanie and her business, design style, blogging challenges, and her favorite design tools. Hope you can take a tip or two and get some inspiration from her, as we do. Everyone say hello to The Divine Living Space…


Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are and all that you do…

I am Stephanie, the face behind The Divine Living Space. Colors and textures always intrigued me. I was born to be a designer. It’s my passion to help people design the spaces their dreams! In the fifteen years of owning my business, I have done everything from helping people stage their homes to choosing the selections during the building process.


Do you blog for your business?

I do not blog as a business…only for fun!

How did you get into your interior design business?

Fifteen years ago I was at cross roads with my former career. I was on a pre-med track with a major in Biology and even worked in the ER at a trauma center. When I got pregnant with our second child, I had major complications. I took some time off and re-evaluated what was important for our family. Through the encouragement of many friends who hired me to help them with their space my vision of a design business was born. It has evolved over the past fifteen years, and I have never once regretted my decision!

What made you start blogging?

I wanted a way to both showcase my work and show my readers that they can create rooms spaces on a budget.

What are your most challenging moments with blogging?

For me, it’s about the time. There is so much that goes into making the posts pretty. From photographing the space to editing the size and light, and then writing a post that is worth reading!

Your photos are so awesome, do you take your own photos? If so, do you just have a knack for photography or have you taken classes? Any tips you want to share with our readers?

I do! My daughter happens to be a professional photographer, so I have gotten quite a few tips from her.  One of the best tips I have for photographing a space is that natural light is best. When that isn’t an option, invest in a tripod. That way, you can turn the shutter speed down on the camera and take the perfect photo in low light without it being blurry or grainy.

How would you describe your overall design style and aesthetic?

I LOVE color, textures, and pattern. Some would call it eclectic. I don’t really worry about trends, but rather just do what I love. Sourcing unique items to make sure no room is a carbon copy of each other is one of my greatest joys.


For this self-programed color and pattern lover, I learned that a little goes a long way. Keeping the walls a neutral color makes the room appear less busy once you add some pattern and color in it! Take this room, for example, this colorful kids room would be SO much busier if I would have painted the walls a color.  I stuck with white walls, and added the pops of color in the accessories! See more behind this project, HERE. 

Where do you source inspiration (link to)?

Oh. M. Gee. This dynamic duo, Studio McGee, was love at first site for me. Seriously, everything they do is A-MAZING!

They are my absolute favorite too! What’s your favorite space you’ve designed and why? 

The living room in this home is my favorite transformation! Emily Clarke featured it on her blog HERE.

OR I blogged about the whole house HERE. 

What design style makes you cringe?

Too much of any ONE style!  To avoid a room looking too busy, mix and match different elements of style. For example: If you love the rustic look, don’t buy ALL rustic pieces for your space. Instead, incorporate a few pieces of rustic and then add a few with some simple lines, so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Any design tools that you can’t live without that you can share with our readers?

Two words. Laser Level. Paint stripes on a wall or hang a gallery wall in record time!

The one I have is similar to this one: Home Depot, Level Laser.


What are your top 3 brands you love to work with and use in your projects?

Tonic Living – They have amazing pillows and fabric.

Minted Art – Great variety of artwork for any project.

Lee Industries – for the past ten years, they have been my go-to for custom furniture.  American made, lifetime warranty, great fabrics!

Who is your interior style icon?

Joanna Gaines. That lady does it right. She lives and breathes her brand, casual, elegant, and modern. Plus, she seems so genuine and down to earth. I feel like I could sit across from her with a cup of coffee and talk about anything!

Gosh, we have the same love for people, haha! She’s my favorite too. And lastly, what would you say is the greatest satisfaction with being a business owner?

I love meeting new clients and helping them transform their space from start to finish. Dreaming with them about what their space can be, and then helping them create it is one of my greatest satisfactions as a designer.

Love, Love! Thank you Stephanie for giving your time to chat with us today and provide insight to our readers. You are AMAZING and there is not a thing you’ve done that hasn’t inspired us in some way. You are wonder woman! Now everyone go check out the beautiful Stephanie at Divine Living Space or Twin Cities Moms Blog of Duluth.

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