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Happy Friday! Jordan here sharing another of our Friday Favorites and this week we’re talking about Industrial Style. This style is most often associated with downtown apartments and cool condos, but we’re sharing how you can bring this design style into your home too.

Industrial style refers to a trend in interior design that reflects industrial spaces and old factories from the industrial revolution. If you live in a space with brick walls, definitely leaving them exposed is a key characteristic of the industrial style, but also incorporating wood, stone, and metal can help achieve this look.

Start with a Neutral Palette

This style doesn’t have a lot of bold color or pops of pattern, but instead includes a combination of neutral colors for a clean look. Starting with white or slightly off-white walls is a great base to add in natural materials that are neutral, such as wood pieces, stone, and metal.

industrial design style | friday favorite construction2style

Photo: Decoist

Brick Walls or Fireplaces

Brick buildings were prevalent in cities during the Industrial Age, and many buildings still have brick walls. Exposing them rather than covering them up adds a statement wall and that industrial vibe. If you don’t have brick walls in your home, adding brick tile as your fireplace surround or finding a faux brick backsplash in the kitchen is a great way to get the look.

friday favorite design style industrial | construction2style

Photo: Fresh Home

Exposed Pipes and Ducts

Most homes want to cover up pipes and duct work, but in the industrial style, they take center stage. Black pipe work ties into metal accents throughout the home and brings in contrast to white walls. Black windows are also an essential element to this style, so if you are building a home or replacing the windows, choosing black can bring in the industrial vibe.

industrial friday favorite | construction2style

Photo: Fixer Upper

Concrete Accents

Concrete is a big player in the industrial world, and there are many ways you can use it in your home. Concrete countertops, fireplaces, columns, or, like in this photo, backsplashes become statement pieces and really give off the industrial feel.

industrial design style | construction2style friday favorite

Photo: Fixer Upper

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Friday Favorite Industrial Style | construction2style

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