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Yay for Fridays! Up this week for our Friday Favorite design style is Mid-Century Modern. This style grew in America during the middle of the 20th century and was influenced by the Bauhaus style, which began in Germany, and the International style. Advanced technology brought a new range of materials, which made it possible for manufacturers and textile designers the ability to explore new textures, colors, forms, and effects.

Here are some ways to bring this style into your home:

Wood Elements

Teak is a popular wood used in mid-century modern furniture, along with walnut and oak. Furniture of this design style has clean lines and simple finishes, and the focus is pieces that are simplistic, not ornate or overly decorated.

mid century modern design style

Photo: New Darlings

Geometric Patterns

Incorporating geometric patterns is a key aspect of the mid-century modern style. The geometric patterns offset the organic shapes found in plants and wood features. Graphic wallpapers, patterned pillows, and retro art are classic ways to bring in pattern and fun to a space.

mid century modern | construction2style

Photo: Barker & Stone House

Bringing Nature In

Potted plants, hanging planters, and oversized corner plants add a natural element and bring life from the outside inside. Having large windows without curtains or draperies allow for natural light to flow in and add brightness to the space is another classic characteristic of mid-century modern design.

mid century modern living room | construction2style

Photo: Anthropologie

Neutrals with Bold Colors

White walls are a perfect backdrop for this style and also provide a base for a simplistic overall design. Adding in bold colors, such as mustard, olive, burnt orange, and teal through accents like pillows and rugs makes a unique statement throughout the space and help draw attention to the accessories and furniture, rather than the walls.

mid century modern | construction2style

Photo: Desire To Inspire

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mid century modern design style | construction2style

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