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Our Smart Front Door Hardware 1

It feels like we’re getting smarter by the day… as in our smart home devices! We’ve been wanting to update our front door since the day we moved in with new locks and paint color and are finally getting around to it two years later.

We painted the interior of our door black, but are still contemplating on what color to paint the exterior side of the door. Since we’re eventually going to re-do our siding, windows and trim, it makes it hard to pick out a color for the front door right now. So for now we’re going to hold off on paint on the exterior side but wanted to get new hardware in right away regardless.

Prior to today, we had a lockbox hanging on our door 24/7. We have our team, subcontractors, kids, babysitters, our family, deliveries, and who knows what else coming in and out of this door all day long. Now that we have our Delaney hardware installed, not only do we look legit with a code (haha!), but we don’t have to look like our house is up for rent all the time with the lockbox.

Another cool thing about this smart lock is that you have another set of eyes on your home. Which gives us comfort for when we’re not home. If you get the one that has the hub, like we did, you can download an app and watch what’s going on at your front door 24/7.

Our Smart Front Door Hardware 2

Our Smart Front Door Hardware 3

We’ve used Delaney hardware for a ton of our client projects and now that we’re remodeling our own home, so we were excited to partner with Wayfair (where you can buy these products) to incorporate Delaney throughout our space.

We’ve worked with, loved and trusted this brand for a long time. We know what we like, what we hate, and we’ve honestly never had one complaint with Delaney, which is why we decided to partner on our front door hardware.

They have a ton of different options to choose from but why we chose what we did was for the clean sleek look and handle that matches the rest of the door styles throughout our home.

With this keypad you can set up to 30 different users with their own code which helps prevent code probing and it disables it after a certain amount of attempts. You can set it to vacation mode while you’re away and if you have the hub, you can control your lock and front door all from the app on your phone which is pretty cool!

Our Smart Front Door Hardware 4

It was super easy for Jamie to install and what’s best is it’s an affordable smart product. We’re excited to continue to share more about what we’re going to do within the exterior of our home!


Our Smart Front Door Hardware 5


Our Smart Front Door Hardware 6

Photo & Video Credit: Dan Motl

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Michael Clark
3 years ago

Nice Post..I like the door hardware which you used. Thanks for sharing.

Jordan Willaby
Jordan Willaby
3 years ago
Reply to  Michael Clark

Thank you!!