Fun Holiday Gifts for Kids

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It’s that time of the year, the week before Christmas and we’re all hustling to get all of those last-minute gifts for the kids in our life.

Or if you’re like me, you just keep adding to the list. As our kids are getting older, it feels as if it’s getting tougher to buy for them. 

They either know exactly want they want, and we always love to get them a good surprise, or their wish list is just a bit insane for the bank account.

So today – we wanted to round up all the things our kids either already have and love or what we’re them as gifts this year. 

Holiday Gifts for Kids

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1. Strider | 2. Fort Boxes | 3. Retro Nintendo | 4. Scavenger Hunt Cards | 5. Kids Helmet | 6.  Indoor Trampoline | 7. Customized Beanies | 8. Kitchen Play Set | 9. Treasure X Play Set |10. Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition | 11. Toy Dirtbike | 12. Kids Hydro Flask | 13. VR – Meta Quest | 14. Razor Crazy Cart | 15. Mini Backpack | 16. Wooden Toolbox

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It’s hard to wrap up which one is the kid’s favorite! The Razor Crazy Cart has been a real hit for all of our kids.

We bought this for Greyson and Beckam a couple of years back for Christmas and to this day they are ripping around in the summer or even in the winter and through the snow. And they have stood the test of time!

Ellie even gets on with Greyson and loves to ride around. And they’re so durable even Mom and Dad can go on them.

They don’t hold back and we’ve never had one issue with them.  We totally recommend this one!

The Fort Boxes were another great hit for Christmas last year.

I don’t know about you but our kids love to make forts with boxes and it’s nice that these don’t need to stay out or if you ruin their fort when it’s time to clean up, they can easily build another one again and they always get creative and make it better the next time around.

It’s fun to watch their little imaginations build. 

Greyson got VR – Meta Quest for one of his birthday gifts past year, and now you know it’s on Beckam’s list this holiday season. We got the boys a Strider over the years and now it’s Ellie’s turn.

One of our favorite things about Strider’s is that our kids never needed training wheels. Both of the boys went from a strider and then right to a big boy bike without any training wheels.

And although they love their big bikes, they still to this day whip around on their striders too. Worth every penny! 

We got these adorable beanies – Customized Beanies – for our nieces and nephews last year and it makes us so happy to see them still rocking them. One of my favorite childhood hats, that Ellie now wears, was a hat with my name on it.

And we’ve been gifting this fun game to all of the boys’ friends for their birthdays all year round – Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. Something family-orientated for a family that also has everything!

We bought it for ourselves and play and laugh together every Sunday night. 

Everything on our list is truly worth it and we know the kids in your life will love it too. Hope this helps with your last-minute shopping week and takes a bit of stress off finding gifts for everyone.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for babies, check out this post for fun and practical gifts for the younger ones!

Merry Christmas week! 

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