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Today we’re chatting about our office. We didn’t do much to this room besides putting knockdown texture on the ceiling and laying new flooring. This is probably my least favorite room, but Jamie’s favorite. ha! Isn’t that the way it goes? The office has paneling all over the walls, and is very dark and outdated to me. I would have preferred we paint the entire thing white and created bookshelves to look more built-in, but you can only pick your battles for so much in marriage. Haha! That being said, we had to get creative with the decor to make it a room I also loved and could get inspired within. Luckily, the entire north side of this room has big windows from ceiling to almost floor, so there is a ton of natural light. Best of all, it has the best view of the Mississippi River. We are both going to really miss working in this room with that gorgeous view.


For us, this room is where we typically start and end our day. So I wanted it to be a place of inspiration. For me, I get energized and inspired by motivational words. Oh, and gold decor!

I loaded up picture frames with words of motivation. I’m always looking up free printables to frame and use as decor. “You are Capable of Great Things,” I found online –> HERE. She also has another 25 free printables for anyone to use. Score!

This sign below, “Work Hard, Dream Big,” my friend Tim Brown hand lettered and got printed in gold. Motivational words, in gold font…nothing gets better than that.


“Shine Your Light” is also another print I absoloutely love. In any tough situation I always try to remember this, instead of going negative and mean, shine that light! I got this print from the lovely Faith & Finn as a gift, who I would highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for adorable apparel with powerful messages.


As for the rest of the decor, we wanted to keep it simple and clean to ensure it went along with the masculine look of the rest of the room. Pulling in browns, gold, white, and silver pieces.

You can find simple books for almost nothing at 2nd hand stores. I picked up a handful of these for under $1 each at a local second hand store in Elk River, MN. Our sister, who is also our real estate agent, brought over a handful of goodies and helped style our shelves to help with the sale of the home.

We recently wrote up a full post on How to Style Your Shelves in 5 Simple Steps over at Twin Cities Moms Blog. So if you’re looking for tips, make sure to click on that link and check out our post.





Ta-da! Now we’ll see if I can con the hubby into more my style for our next home office.









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