Welcome to our New Home!

Welcome to our New Home! 1

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Welcome to our new home you guys! We closed on this baby the 18th of December and moved in a few days after. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year! Waking up every morning has never felt so happy. Our first morning in our new home instead of Greyson crying that he was awake, he just yelled…”Momma, hello Momma.” Haha, it made my heart explode and Jamie and I laugh really hard. I love waking up laughing. He can see our room from his which he couldn’t before. So we love that he is already comfortable in his new home, knowing we are just a holler away right down the hallway.

construction2style | New Home Makeover

We’ve been busy cleaning, un-packing, and dreaming non stop since. We’re so excited to move into a home right after we closed, instead of renovating it for months and living in chaos- which we’ve typically done in the past. We’re hoping to be in this home for quite some time so we’re going to take it room by room, very slowly, and make this house into our dream home. It has all the bones, bedrooms, and layout we want.

construction2style | New Home Makeover

So really, it will just be redesigning. And maybe rearranging the kitchen a little…

We can’t wait to share with you guys what we do with the space, but for now we’re just going to enjoy being in a home again. Greyson walks around the house going, “my home, my home” and waving his hands in the air.


It makes Jamie and I so incredibly happy to know what we’ve worked so hard to create is finally here. Giving our babies a beautiful home that they can grow up in.

construction2style | New Home Makeover

Happy new Year Friends! We’re tackling the laundry room this weekend and can’t wait to show you what we do with the space.

J + M

construction2style | New Home Makeover


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Karrie Trowbridge
7 years ago

Congrats!! It’s beautiful and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy transforming it into a home that feels like yours!


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