It’s the final countdown…

Only 10 more days until the big day!!  Jamie and I have been busy working on a ton of projects for the wedding reception, we have had so much fun! Here is a sneak peak preview of some of the things we have been working on. I can’t wait for everyone to see it all set up at the Barn, it is going to be so fun!!

Our J & M sign all ready for paint!  Jamie and I worked together to pencil in the letters on a 4×8 sheet of plywood. Jamie just got done cutting them out last night and sent me the picture below, I love them! We are going to put these signs out by the front entrance leaned up against the hay bales, so you won’t miss the turn.

J&M sign

We ordered the wallpaper below and are going to wallpaper a 4×8 sheet of plywood and hang the pictures below on the wallpapered board.  The pictures are wedding photos of Jamie and my grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.  I can’t wait to see the final outcome on the finished board! Hopefully my wallpaper gets here in time…

wallpaper wedding pictures


We wanted to have a little something for all of our hotel guests that somehow incorporated coming to Minnesota!  So we were on a mission to make some goodie bags for our guests to receive when they checked into the hotel.  With the help of our mom’s this was an easy task!  We googled, printed, traced, cut, and glued a MN outline onto brown paper lunch bags.  We filled the bags with treats and goodies.  Some of the fun sayings we came up with was “Wishing you Sweet Dreams” for the sweets and “for rips, slips, and too many sips” and filled a zip lock with bandages and Advil. I wanted to find items more MN inspired but that ended up being more difficult than I thought.




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Brigette Johnson
Brigette Johnson
8 years ago

Woohoo!!!! 10 days! I cannot believe that I am going to welcome another sister into my life and my first ever BROTHER! Love you both!

Mother Mary
Mother Mary
8 years ago

It has been a busy last 2 weeks, but the details are coming into place. The “barn” will be a wonderful setting for all the fun and excitement to help Morgan and Jamie celebrate their new life together.