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Cool Paint Colors

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It’s painting time! We’ll show you guys our favorite cool paint colors that we’re using for our kitchen remodel.

As you guys know, we had a little setback due to permits and inspections, so we were on standstill for a few weeks. After everything had been seen and approved, we were able to get everything covered back up and back to work.

Rough-ins done, inspections passed, drywall up, followed by mudding, taping, and sanding.

our kitchen remodel demo process | construction2style

Then, our favorite part begins…bringing all of the finishes in.

First up, paint.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 1

And if you missed the before of our kitchen you can watch it here.

Sometimes, it can be hard to pick the right paint color, especially when one room runs into another and another.

Do all colors need to match?

Where do you cut the color off if rooms run into one another?

How to choose the perfect gray?

What’s the best white?

Well, we are taking you behind the scenes and showing you the cool paint colors we’re using in our remodel, our design inspiration, and our favorite tools we used to get the job done.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 2

Our Cool Paint Colors

Favorite Tools to Paint like a Pro

If you remember this past fall, we refreshed the walls in our living room space with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Rare Gray (HGSW3275). Our living room opens up into our kitchen, which opens up into another living room and then our dining room. Since the rooms all run together, one project always leads to another, which seems like the case with any reno. Now we’re off to the races painting pretty much our entire main level.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 3

Within this project we’re closing off the openings that divide these three rooms. We’re transforming our other living room into our dining room and what was once the dining room into our wine/music room.

kitchen remodel paint colors | construction2style

But, as you can see, the kitchen and dining room still open into one another a lot. We contemplated taking this entire wall down but in the end we decided if we did that the entire main level of our home would just be one gigantic room. And being we have high vaulted ceilings we wanted a little bit of separation still yet, be able to keep it open enough to entertain.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 4

With all of our rooms running and flowing together, we wanted to choose paint colors that would be cohesive, but define the rooms as well. We looked to HGTV™ HOME by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections to help us find colors that would complement each other perfectly.

What’s really neat about these guys and why we love using their paint colors is that they put together 16 designer- inspired Color Collections, each with 20 complimentary colors, for you so you know exactly what paint colors and tones will work together. It makes choosing your paint colors really simple.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 5

We are a very gray and blue toned family, so when we moved into a house that was all beige with wood trim, it all had to go. All of our decor in our home has a lot of blue and green pops of color, so we wanted to choose cool paint colors that complimented that.

First we decided on our kitchen paint color. Being we’re going with really dark cabinetry we wanted to choose a really light color in our kitchen, so we went with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Extra White (HGSW 4005).

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 6

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 7

To complement the other colors in the living room and dining room, we’re keeping it simple in the kitchen since it has quartz countertops, black cabinets, and open shelving. Here’s our story board for the overall inspiration for the spaces.

our kitchen remodel | mood board

For the wine/music room, Jamie installed a paneled wall that we painted with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (HGSW1441) from the Liveable Luxe Color Collection, which is the statement accent wall. Here’s the design inspiration we put together to go off of.

our kitchen remodel wine room mood board

And our almost finished painted room here.

Since this room vaults into the dining room and the walls flow flat together, we wanted the color we chose for the dining room to run into the wine area with the statement accent wall to bring in depth and texture.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 8

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 9

The dining space is a big open space with 9-15′ vaulted ceilings, so we wanted to bring in some warmth and elegant tones to this area since it is so big and open. We chose chose HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray (HGSW3476) also from the Liveable Luxe Color Collection for this space. By choosing these cool paint colors from the same Color Collection, we know they will complement each other and go well in our space.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 10

For the paint, we chose HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams INFINITY® Interior Paint + Primer which is a one-coat paint and primer that went on so smoothly. INFINITY is available exclusively at Lowe’s and is also available in exterior for any of your upcoming outdoor painting projects.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 11

When painting rooms that run together, keep in mind that you want the paint to be dynamic, but not too distracting.

Once the 10+ person table and large lighting gets hung, we may never leave this room. Look at the undertones of the paint colors and your existing furniture, artwork, and lighting when choosing your color. Paint will look differently at different times of the day so be sure to bring samples home with you to view in the morning light, daylight, sunset, and from other lighting in your home.

And make sure you take a a few days to look at the paint up in your space and make sure you love it. When we first put Mindful Gray up, we thought it might be too blue. Then the next day we thought it was green and now it’s the perfect gray. But I also love that it gives that illusion. And once we get the trim up, curtains hung and decor in, it’s going to be perfect.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 12

If you want a smaller room to appear larger, paint with cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples. Red, yellows, and oranges will make the room feel more bold and vibrant.

Take a look at HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections to ensure a smooth transition from room to room.

painting our kitchen remodel

our kitchen remodel paint colors

We love the colors we chose and are already loving how it looks against the cabinetry. Can’t wait to show you guys the backsplash that we’re installing and lighting we’re putting up to make these paint colors even more perfect.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 13

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 14

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 15

Our Kitchen Remodel | Favorite Cool Paint Colors 16

And if you are tackling a painting project, make sure to check out our post, 8 painting hacks that will change your life!

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