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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Elkay.  All opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all brands and products we endorse on our site.

We bought this home in November of 2016 and exactly one year after the purchase of our home we started on our kitchen renovation, and now four months later it’s a wrap!

Throughout the process we’ve broken down the project for you guys, and we still have a lot more posts coming your way. So today we are going to chat about our fixtures, what we chose and why we chose what we did.

First, let’s rewind to the before so you can check out the fixtures we had at the start of the renovation.




The sink was one of the biggest things we were both excited about! Our old fixtures were fine and in good shape but the most important thing we wanted to incorporate was a single bowl sink. One thing we’ve noticed when working with clients is that people either love or hate single bowl sinks. But for us, we can’t handle the double. In all of our previous homes, we’ve always had a double bowl sink and we always ended up taking it out to put in a single bowl sink. It feels like we’d put three dishes in the double bowl and it’d be full. And trying to wash large pots and pans in it, forget it. Being a family of four and always cooking a lot of meals at home, we need one large sink! 

A lot of times clients prefer the double because they think the single will take too long to fill up with water. Elkay also offers sinks with the Aqua Divide, which gives the look of a single bowl sink, but provides the functionality of a double-bowl sink. The middle divider in these sinks sits much lower, allowing pots and pans to easily fit into your sink. We just put this style into a client’s home and it’s been a hit! You can check out that style here

This is the sink we put into our own home, which we’ve also used  in a lot in our clients’ homes, and they all love it. This selection is the Elkay Crosstown 16 Gauge Stainless Steel 23-1/2″ x 18-1/4″ x 10″, Single Bowl Undermount Sink.


The other thing we wanted to incorporate is a commercial look with the appliances, so the semi-professional Elkay faucet was a must for the overall look of what we were going for with our appliances. This style faucet definitely gives the commercial-style look. For our faucet we chose the Elkay Avado single hold with semi-professional spout and lever handle in the brushed nickel finish.

The pull-down feature is my favorite to make for easy clean up in the sink. It also has a couple different spray type options which we love. 

As you can see the Elkay Avado faucet combines clean and modern lines with the commercial integrity and look.

We love Elkay, and their sinks are the only ones we put into our clients’ design selections in our remodels. Besides their quality being top-notch, they’re family owned, and their team’s energy is contagious! Even given how large they are, we’ve personally been able to tour their plant and meet their team, and we love nothing more than supporting really good people.

Pot Filler

EEEKKKK, I scream every time I get to use my Elkay pot filler. I pretty much use it more than our faucet, just because it’s so much fun to use. haha!

We chose the Elkay Avado wall mount pot filler kitchen faucet with the lever handles in their lustrous steel finish. Again, we chose the style with clean, straight, and modern lines to go with the overall commercial look we were going for. It’s wall mounted and when you’re ready to use you just pull it out. When finished, you can easily push it back up against the wall so that it’s out of the way. 

We hadn’t even contemplated incorporating a pot filler until we flew out to Chicago and toured Elkay’s plant. Once we saw this in person, it quickly made it to the top of our priority list! 







Another great thing about Elkay is that they have a lot of matching accessories to go with your fixtures.

Cutting Board

We also got a cutting board, because you can never have enough stylish cutting boards. We chose the Crosstown hardwood cutting board to go with our Crosstown sink. What’s so cool about their cutting boards is that you can place them in and cut right over the sink. Whenever I’m cooking and using a cutting board, it seems that whatever I am cutting flies all over the countertops, so it’s convenient to do it right over the sink and then I can scrape all the scraps right into the sink. Makes for easy cleanup! 

And there you have it! All of our fixtures that we used in our new kitchen remodel.


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