Lower Level, Custom Suspended Shelving

Does anyone else have that ledge, which creates this nook in their basement, and you have no idea what to do with it besides just dusting it off every month? 

Well, that is our basement! And here was our nook that we had no idea what to do with it. Let alone this space in general. The flipside of this space… 

…is our couch and tv. And being we love to entertain and have our friends over basically every Saturday night to watch the live motocross races…we decided to add a basement bar to make this space more functional. 

After we finished our kitchen remodel, we recycled those cabinets (instead of throwing them away) to build our basement bar, which we thought we finished in 2018 until we realized it needed something more.

This nook had to do something more! It was screaming warmth, and maybe something more fun, don’t you think?! 

We decided to add our personality to the space, and do basement renovation round 4! 

You know how much we love adding style with tile, first we decided on our custom backsplash designed with Mercury Mosaics. Once we got the tile designed out, we knew it needed some shelving. 

I’ve seen this shift from floating to suspended shelving and started dreaming about different design ideas. 

Custom Mercury Mosaics Tile and Suspended Shelving | construction2style

Custom Mercury Mosaics Tile and Suspended Shelving | construction2style

And after a lot of thought, we sketched up the design, sent it over to Solid Metal Arts, and they built what we dreamed up. 

I literally screamed when we got these pictures via email of our suspended shelving in production! How cool is this?! 

And then they powder-coated them to the exact gold color that we wanted and personally delivered them and walked us through very clear instructions on how to hang them. 

In under 30 minutes, Jamie had our new suspended shelves drilled into place! 


And I’m still screaming! 


Jamie’s currently working on building a custom bench in that left-hand corner there, that will use for lots of family card playing. Like all projects, the final details are what take the longest. But we could not recommend Solid Metal Arts more if any of you are looking for your own, one of a kind, metal design. 

We would love to hear what you all think about these shelves and the suspended style over the floating? And metal versus wood? 

We’ll be back soon with more details behind this space as well as the final reveal! 

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