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We finally finished our basement and we are jumping with joy to share with you guys the final reveal!

Our Basement Reveal 1

We still don’t have our basement bar installed, but that will have to wait so for now, there’s more open space for the boys to play in the meantime.

We recently chatted about all the details we were going to do down here and sharing the before shots, so if you missed that post, you can click here and rewind to read it and check it out.

Otherwise in a nutshell, here’s the low down…

metrie complete basement refresh | construction2style

updating our basement with metrie | construction2style

metrie complete bathroom add in | construction2style

And of course paint these built-ins…

Our Basement Reveal 2

And now a few weeks later, the afters…

Our Basement Reveal 3

We were able to complete this project pretty quickly thanks to Metrie. Using the Metrie Complete pre-finished products saved us a ton of time because it took out all of the prep work that typically goes into finishing off a space. It also saved us money. Why? We used their Metrie Complete pre-painted trim.

You can find more information on the trim we used as well as their builder packs by HERE.

We use Metrie for most all of our millwork, not only in our homes, but also our client’s homes. We put together a little video for you guys to explain why.


The whole reason behind updating our basement was to say goodbye to the golden oak. Baseboards, casing, doors, and cabinetry… it was everywhere, and it had to go.

We wanted a lighter and brighter space, but still wanted to make it feel cozy. We also just wrapped up our kitchen remodel that, for the most part, was pretty black and white, so we wanted to bring as much color as we could into the basement because we’re super colorful people, after all. Ha!

Our Basement Reveal 4

We decided to paint our built-ins Naval, Sherwin Williams 6244 in a semi-gloss finish. We were debating between that and Haley Navy, but we asked our readers on Instagram, and it was Navel for the win!

Our Basement Reveal 5

And we complimented the Naval with some simple gold hardware.

Our Basement Reveal 6

Since we went with such a dark cabinet color to brighten up the space, we painted all of the walls white and new we wanted to incorporate white woodwork.

We bought pure white BEHR paint and primer in one, and it matched the pre-finished trim perfectly. We were a little nervous because Jamie didn’t want the trim to be a different shade of white than the walls. And as you know, there are a million different colors of white. We took a chance, it matched perfectly and we didn’t paint one piece of trim in our basement.

Our Basement Reveal 7

Our Basement Reveal 8

Our Basement Reveal 9

These lights were also a favorite of mine! I love a good wall sconce, and when I saw these for under $100, we were sold.

Our Basement Reveal 10


Pulling this powder bath together was a ton of fun! With a powder bath, we’re always fans of doing something bold. We’re really into green hues right now, so we chose Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore for the wall colors and pulled other finishes to complete them. When we came across this floral wallpaper from Rebel Walls, we knew we had to incorporate. Since the space is pretty small and the ceilings are low, we didn’t want to wallpaper the entire room and we knew we wanted to keep the green too, so we did the one accent wall. We put together a wallpaper tutorial for you:  How to Wallpaper 101.

Our Basement Reveal 11

Being we went pretty dark in this space it was nice to pull in the white Metrie Complete base trim, that tied in nicely with the white sink. I think it brightened up the space a bit too!

Our Basement Reveal 12

When it came to the styling, I’m a major fan of styling with hand-me-downs and family treasures.

Our Basement Reveal 13

My dad passed away many years ago, and my mom recently brought me some of his books. He signed all of the covers and wrote the year in them when he read them. This kind of decor is priceless. We’re using them to decorate the shelves. And of course, complimented it with a little gold frame of my grandparent’s wedding photo.

Our Basement Reveal 14

Eventually this area will be a bar, but for now, it’s just a little sitting room, leaving enough space for the boys to run around and play too.

I love a good gallery wall and I had been trying to figure out how to incorporate some of my grandma’s hand paintings. They are pretty colorful, and I just hadn’t found the perfect home for them quite yet. Since the basement turned out pretty eclectic as soon as I laid this gallery wall out on the floor, I knew they found their new home! Now filled with family photos, this basement space has now become our very happy place.

Our Basement Reveal 15

Our Basement Reveal 16

Our Basement Reveal 17

Our Basement Reveal 18

Our Basement Reveal 19

Our Basement Reveal 20

Linked below are all of our selections for your convenience.

Metrie Builder Packs- Millwork | Bathroom Floor Tile | Bathroom Sink| Bathroom Gold Sconce Lights | Thorn Rose Bathroom Wallpaper | Bathroom, Forest Green, Wall Paint | Opalhouse Bath Towel | White & Gold Soap Dispenser | Gold, Built-in Hardware Pull | Opalhouse Pillows | Living Room Gold Sconces | Naval Built-in Paint

Can’t wait to share more progress once we get the basement bar installed. And that just might be awhile. So for now, we’re happy! We said goodbye to all our of yellow trim thanks to Metrie and it looks like a brand new bright and colorful space.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Metrie.  Although we were compensated to write this post, all opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all brands and products we endorse on our site.




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