Meet Haley, C2S Newest Team Member!

Meet Haley, C2S Newest Team Member! 1

Hey Everyone! My name is Haley and I have just joined the c2s team and let me tell you, it’s a DREAM come true! I am so honored and excited that I get to work at c2s, with their amazing team.

Meet Haley, c2s Newest Team Member!

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’ve lived in Minnesota for pretty much my whole life, except for two years in middle school, in which my family lived in Texas. We loved Minnesota too much and decided to move home! From then on, I have been a Minnesota girl through and through. Set me on the lake in the summer on a boat and with skates on in the winter on the ice, and I’m a happy camper!

After high school, I attended Bethel University my Freshman year as an Organizational Communications major and Marketing minor. While at Bethel, I was fortunate enough to be an intern for a wedding planner, which then moved into a more formal role with the company.

I was loving this job so much and loved being able to work while in college. Once summer was ending, I was so sad about the idea of leaving that job, so I decided to switch to an online degree through the University of Minnesota and continue working with the company I was at!

The wedding planner I worked for planned and executed weddings, but her main focus was actually on the styling of the wedding itself. This is how I found myself in the midst of interior design! Meet Haley, c2s Newest Team Member!

Fast forward two years, and I was a college graduate! Unfortunately with the Pandemic, weddings were not happening, which means I was out of a job.

I was always on the hunt for a position, but no one was hiring since the outcomes of weddings and events were so unknown at that moment. I am and will always be thankful, though, that this happened because it allowed me to take a moment to evaluate my priorities and what I wanted in life.

I knew I still wanted a job that allowed me to be creative and I am not the type of person who can work a strict office job, staring at a computer from 9 to 5. I wanted to find a career that allowed me to use my creative freedom in my job and also something that was flexible. 

This led me to interior design, remodels, and c2s! I found c2s through some family friends and immediately fell in love the second I followed their Instagram and watched one of their stories. I reached out to them to see if they were looking for anyone else to hire, and to my luck, they were!

I have always been someone who likes to dream up fun spaces and what a space could look like. As a young girl, HGTV was always on my tv. I loved every show, especially the remodeling ones, so getting to do that in real life was a dream come true. 

I am so excited for this journey and getting to exercise my creative side and be a part of such a great brand and group of people and can’t wait to show you more of me!

Meet Haley, C2S Newest Team Member! 2

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