Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson

meet our team carmen syverson | construction2style

Say hello to our newest bright light, Carmen Syverson.

This girl has been traveling around the world and we’ve been getting to live vicariously through her and all her adventures. Once we saw she was back in MN, we snatched her up as fast as we could.

She also has a blog where she documented all of her traveling experiences. This post is my favorite. I cried ugly tears. So grab some tissues before you click over.

Carmen is our new official intern and has been helping us now for a couple of months with event planning and getting all the parties behind our kitchen in place. Without a doubt, this girl has been our YES girl. With all the balls we’re throwing up and juggling, she’s making sure not one drops.

Welcome to the construction2style team girlfriend! You’re going to get to know and love her just as much as we have.

Everyone say hello to Carmen and get to know this new gem of ours.

Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style

Carmen, tell our readers about yourself.

Hi! I’m Carmen, a junior at Bethel University, studying Organizational Communication with an emphasis in Event Management! I am a lover of Jesus and an undeserving recipient of His grace. I hail from Mountain Lake, MN, a quaint town in southwest Minnesota, where I grew up with an incredible family and support system. Now, I love life up in the Twin Cities where I continue to learn and grow!
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style

What do you love about event planning?

My favorite aspect of events is that they involve people! I am constantly inspired by people and each person’s unique story, so when I get to bring those people together through a beautiful event, I am in heaven! It’s also so exciting to see an event start from a simple idea to a detailed, gorgeous gathering at the end!
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style

How did you hear about c2s?

 I originally heard about c2s from my wonderful older sister, Jordan (Syverson) Willaby who started working with c2s about a year ago. She absolutely loves Morgan and Jamie, their brand, and being able to build on her passion for design. Long story short, Jo got me connected with c2s, and now I get to join in on the fun!
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style

Fun Facts:

  • I drink my coffee straight black like an 80-year-old grandpa. It takes at least a cup each morning to get me going!
  • I recently spent a semester studying abroad in Europe. While there, I visited 12 countries and fell in love with the people, cultures, and scenery! The memories and the Italian pizza weight are still with me!
  • When I was nine, I recorded an entire album of songs I wrote. For some context, my favorite song on the record was entitled, “Step on the Gas.” It was a very sentimental album.
  • I have seen the movie, “Remember the Titans,” more than 25 times. It never gets old!
  • My siblings (Jo and our younger brother Regan) are truly my best friends. I love chatting with them and hanging out all together!

What do you like most about working for construction2style?

Construction2style is made up of such genuine and hard-working people, so I am enjoying learning in that environment! I love the challenge, encouragement, and new ideas that are always flowing!
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style
Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson | construction2style

Meet Our Team | Carmen Syverson 1

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