Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Trends

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Happy, happy day. We’re finally sitting down to write about one of our most liked photos ever on Instagram, our Mercury Mosaics Moroccan Fish Scale Tile bathroom.

I think it’s taken us so long to write it because, every time we sit down to do it, I get caught up looking at the hundreds of gorgeous pictures our girl Chels took for us! Haha.

This wonderful client found us through Facebook, and was our first Facebook lead. So fun! I can finally tell Jamie all my time online doing social marketing is paying off. Ha!

Most of our clients are all over the metro, but typically in the Minneapolis and western suburbs area. Which means we’re always driving all over the map. This was also our first client in our neck of the woods, just around the corner from us in Elk River. Jamie was pumped!

When they came to us, all they knew was that they hated their bathroom tile and wanted a refresh. They also came to us to replace the tile in their guest bathroom, add a backsplash to their kitchen, and completely overhaul the cabinetry in their office. We’ll chat more on that another day.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Renovation Process

So here it is – the before, during construction, and after…



After getting a vibe for their style, we sent over finishing selections for the materials we would use. I think they loved everything we sent, but at the end of the day, they wanted to leave it completely up to us to do what we thought would look best. We also suggested widening the door frame into their shower, which they hadn’t thought about and were excited to do!


They also mentioned that they LOVED the pin circulating Pinterest with the Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles. I almost died because the person behind that pin was me, haha!

I also do social media marketing and one of my clients happens to be Mercury Mosaics, who are the only company in the U.S that makes these fabulous Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles. I have literally been dying to use their product, and when this client was all about it, we jumped at the chance.







Once the client signed off on the selections we got to work…



Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Trends 1





We couldn’t have been happier with the end result! Another obsession is the barn-wood floor tiles, especially when we do the herringbone pattern. We’ll show a step by step guide to how we tiled this look later this week, so come back if you want to learn how to re-create it.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style


Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile with White Subway Tile, bathroom design trends by construction2style


Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style


Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Remodel by construction2style


















We’ll chat about this bathroom a lot, so get ready! From how to tile, to design inspiration, to so much more.

This awesome bathroom renovation is just one example of how a room can be transformed into a Mediterranean oasis with these unique fish scale tiles. They come in a number of other colors, textures, and configurations that can give you the exact look that will wow your guests and makes you feel like you were transported to Morrocco. 

There are two ways to lay the tiles, that can give a different feel and would be more appropriate depending on where they are installed. The tips pointing up is the general way because they give that cascading scale look.

They can be good for a taller wall, or full wall like in the shower because it can elongate the space, making it seem taller. It also looks more natural for how scales look, especially if you are going for that “mermaid scale” look in your bathroom. 

Installing them with the tips down can be perfect for a half-wall or backsplash because the rounded tops give an end to the shape. You could even give a rough edge on the top by not squaring it off, and just keeping the rounded tops of the scales.

On a half-wall, pointing the tips down can give it more of a polished, finished look. It’s also been said that installing the scales upwards (tip down) brings positive energy to the space, giving the illusion of a nice breath upwards.

Installing the scales downwards (tip-up) can give the illusion of calming waves and an exhale motion.

The Mercury Mosaic Moroccan fish scale tile in Sea Mist color is their best selling scallop tile, but there are other colors that can give similar effects or an altogether different aesthetic. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Trends 2

Grey and blue fish scale tiles can give the illusion of waves of the ocean with their alternating colors.

Configuring them in the right alternating pattern can really give the tiles movement and your ocean themed bathroom can be the ultimate getaway in your home. 

Fish scale tiles can work great with bold colors like reds, oranges or yellows. Their unique shape can break up the boldness and give a beautiful layered look, like that of actual fish scales.

In fact, combining those bold colors like red, orange and yellow can make your kitchen feel like you just walked off the streets of Morrocco into a small coffee shop or cafe.

Lighter colored fish scale tiles can make a room feel bright, which is good for smaller bathrooms, but the texture of the tile gives it a unique look that paint or subway tiles sometimes can’t give you.

In fact, using different colored scale tiling can work really well because of its scale-like appearance, while using the multi-colored subway or square tile can look like checkers and not blend as naturally as these can. 

Moroccan fish scale tiles don’t have to just be used on the walls. They can be used as flooring as well. The tiles come in small, medium, or large sizes and giving dimension to the flooring of your bathroom or kitchen can become a focal point to the room, and you don’t have to do much else too crazy on the walls or counter to make the room stand out. 

As you can see in the project we shared, these tiles can coincide with regular white tile, which can save you time and money installing. Plus, a bold accent wall of these colorful tiles is really all you need. Anything more can shrink a space, and take away the “wow” factor of this beautiful, unique addition.

We are still so obsessed with these and would love to do another fish scale tile project, so contact us anytime to see what we can do to make your bathroom a beautiful Moroccan wonder! 

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile, Bathroom Trends 3

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