Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 1

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Whenever we’re styling and finishing off a bathroom space, teak wood furniture is always on our minds. Whether that is for a stool or bench in the shower like our #blacklake owner’s bath project as an accent piece, a caddy for over the tub, or a mat in front of the shower. All of which are not only stylish but practical and functional. 

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 2

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 3

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 4

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 5

Teak furniture can run at a higher price point but it’s worth every penny! You’ll find teak furniture a lot in outdoor dining room sets or in patio furniture. Although it’s not waterproof it is water-resistant. It is one of the strongest and most durable in the hardwood family. The oil in it makes it naturally resist water, warping, or cracking. Which is perfect for the furniture that you need in a bathroom space where moisture and water can be an issue. 

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories

So today we wanted to round up and share with you some of our favorite teak bathroom furniture for your home. 

1. Marin Teak Bath Furniture | 2. Nocera Teak Shower Bench  | 3. Blough 24″ W Teak Shower Bench | 4. Calero Outdoor Dining Bench | 5. Rustic Bath Stool | 6. Teak Stool | 7. Oval Stool | 8. Teak Step Stool | 9. Tana | 10. Organic Stool | 11. Teak Shower Mat | 12. Natural Bath Runner | 13. Live Edge Bath Caddy | 14. Live Edge Charred Bath Caddy | 15. Teak Wood Bowls | 16. Shop Wood Bowl


Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories

Our Favorite Teak Bathroom Accessories 6

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  2. First of all, I want to say that you did a fantastic job. I read so many amazing things about your article. I like your tip on teak bathroom accessories. My wife and I have been wanting to install a teak cabinet for our master bathroom and I think we are going to finally do it this month.

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