Our Favorite Wooden Cabinetry Hardware

Our Favorite Wooden Cabinetry Hardware 1

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We’ve been on the hunt for our living room hardware. Originally we were going to go with a leather pull, but we came across some wooden ones and fell in love! We were so up in the air on which one to choose because they are all so good, but we put up an Instagram poll and these gold brass, wooden and creamy white knobs were the winner by far from you all. So that’s what we bought! They’ve already shipped and we can’t wait to see how they look in person.

If you guys are on the hunt for some stylish wood hardware for your home, we scoured the internet, and these are our top 13 faves. 

Happy Shopping! 

Our Favorite Wooden Cabinetry Hardware 2

  1. Modern Blue & Gold Geo- Knob
  2. Wood & Brass Knob
  3. Nordic Brass with Wood Marble
  4. Snow White, Mother Pearl
  5. Mod Gold Stripe
  6. Modern Cup Shape Pull
  7. Manzoni Designer Pull
  8. Long Wooden Veneered Pulls
  9. Solid Wood Cabinet Pulls
  10. Multi-Color Modern Simple Pull
  11. Thin Line Wooden Cabinet Pulls
  12. Angled Designer Wood
  13. Wooden T-Knobs
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