Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day

Our Main Level Living Room - Demo Day | construction2style

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th a July weekend!

We pretended like it wasn’t the 4th of July and instead spent the weekend working on our living room and got it demoed. We removed the carpet and scraped all the ceilings, and I have to say, it already feels so much better waking up to a new space and knowing that we’re on our way to having the main level in our home almost finished just shy of three years of owning our home. Slowly, but surely we’re making it into our own.

With our little dudes’ help, we removed all the carpet and then the next day we shipped the dudes off to Honey’s and Papa’s for a few hours so we could get the ceilings done. Scraping popcorn textured ceilings is a messy job, and we knew they’d want to be right there by our side helping us out, yet also running and playing through the entire house. And we already know that once they’re back home, we’re going to have bike wheel marks of dust and plaster all over the rest of our house, no matter how many times we tried to sweep it up.

Living under construction, no matter how hard you try to keep everything clean, it seems that you always have construction dust through your entire home.

While we were working our booties off we also were documenting it all for you so, next post up we’ll share with you tutorials behind how to remove carpet, along with an update to our previous tutorial post on how to scrape off a popcorn ceiling.

Next up on the living room agenda is spraying knockdown textured ceiling, framing out our fireplace behind we’re doing some built-ins on each side, painting our walls, and laying our hardwood flooring!

Can’t wait to keep on moving along with ya guys! Have an awesome week, friends!

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 1

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 2

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 3

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 4

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 5

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 6

Our Main Level, Living Room DEMOOOO day 7


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