7 Summer Color Palettes and Flower Pairings

7 Summer Color Palettes and Flower Pairings 1
Spring may be known as the season for the best flowers, but summer has its own colorful flowers to show off! From bright red zinnias to soft coral peonies, and from periwinkle blue asters to the exotic asiatic lily, there are plenty of blooms to decorate your home and garden this summer.
To help you visualize the best flowers and color pairings for your home, FTD created seven color palettes inspired by the most colorful summer flowers we wanted to share with you. Sometimes when picking our arrangements for friends or even your garden or home, it can be overwhelming walking into the nursery’s as there is overwhelming options to choose from.
Each palette features stunning summer flowers paired with striking complementary colors. Here are a few of our favorite color palettes that will be sure to inspire your next home and garden project!
summer-flowers-1 summer-flowers-2 summer-flowers-4 summer-flowers-6 summer-flowers-3 summer-flowers-5 summer-flowers-7


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