15 Affordable Pool and Patio Furniture Deals

15 Affordable Pool and Patio Furniture Deals

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Pool shopping has officially begun for us, our pool is opening this week, and we are always on the hunt for pool and patio furniture deals! Last fall, we shared that we were digging and adding in an in-ground pool. We got the pool finished just in time to close it for the winter so we never got to enjoy it.

We didn’t quite finish the landscaping, however, but we have people on call and once the ground is thawed, they’ll be over wrapping up the concrete and getting the plants put in so that when the first day of sunshine hits, we’ll be out there! 

15 Affordable Pool and Patio Furniture Deals

As I’ve been shopping, I realized this is no easy task. So wanted to share with you all some pool essentials if you’re on the hunt too. I’ve scoured the internet for hours to find the must-haves as well as the best deals. 

And if you’re looking to dig too, we also have a blog post here sharing the process as well as all the costs. 


15 Affordable Pool and Patio Furniture Deals

1. Distinctive Cotton Canvas Hanging Rope Chair with Pillows $42.99 | Once we re-do our deck and lower level patio, these will be on their way! I’m thinking we’ll have two hanging from under our deck. How comfy and cozy would these be to relax in the shade?! 

2. In-pool White Chase $168.98 | Something I searched high and low for, in pool furniture. And those are not cheap! Most of the clean and sleek designs I found and fell in love with ranged from $600 – $1,500 and that is a price point I could not justify. So when I came across these with a similar vibe, they were in my cart. I’m starting off with two for the deck side of our pool. 

3. Black Iron Freeform Drift Teak Nesting Outdoor Coffee Tables – 2 PieceSet $889 | This is a bit of an investment but man, are they pretty! I love good driftwood and this was the only outdoor driftwood nesting table I could find. 

4. Round Acacia Nevis Outdoor Nesting Coffee Table 2 Piece Set $249.99 | Another great outdoor nesting table option for a lot more of an affordable price point. You always need some tables for poolside and what I like about these and that they’re lower, so you can have them pulled up to those that are chilling on towels. 

5. LILLY 3-PIECE NESTING OUTDOOR TABLE SET $1,099. | I have to say this is my favorite for an outdoor table set! The combinations of metals and that it’s made for outdoors – a win, win. But again, another investment piece. 

6. Woven Wicker Outdoor Chair $799 | We’re going for wood, white and black, and a light wicker vibe for our pool furniture and this chair is perfect for the wicker side. I love a good light wicker design style! 

7. Wicker Living Set $1,099.99 | We’ve been on the hunt for a lounge set that also has a table for our patio furniture vibe that will be right off of the pool. And this was the largest for the best price point that I could find. 

8. 8 Piece Furniture Set, Solid Wood $1,800 | Another great find but a bit more of an investment. And if you’re more of a wood-style vibe, this set is for you! 

9. Cecilia Ficonstone Outdoor Planter $143.20 | Every outdoor space needs a good planter and these oversized ones with the detailing are perfect. The perfect pool setting planters.

10. Terra- Cotta Tula Planter $179 | If you’re looking for a more earthy vibe planter, this is it! Various sizes and the detailing is too good. 

11. Concreted Fluted Blank Planters $34.50 – $199 | And one more planter because I couldn’t help myself. There are way too many good ones. I love that these also come in 8 different sizes so you can have multiple and matching and I also love that their black but also have character with the detailing. 

12. Indoor + Outdoor Floor Mat $199 | And of course, you need an indoor/outdoor floor mat to catch those kids when running in and out all day long. And I love that this is both! We’ve been on the hunt for a long runner/rug for, within our sports court, that leads you out to the pool and this is the perfect mix to match our pool furniture yet also the vibe of our sports court outside. 

13. Outdoor Natural Center Stripe Pillow $49.50 | Forget the pillows that come with your patio furniture! These outdoor pillows are so good you’d think they belong inside. 

14. Cadyn Outdoor Textured Pillow $59.50 | Mix and match your pillows. A little combination of both is what I’d recommend. 

15. FunBoy Pool Floatie $39 | Of course, you can’t have a pool without it being filled with a ton of fun pool floaties. Love this European Funboy Pool Floatie style! 

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