Siding & Trim Color Pairings

Siding & Trim Color Pairings 1

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Each year we see a shift in siding & trim color pairing trends, and 2019 is going BOLD. We are talking bold colors contrasted with color pairings to light whites, greys, and beiges.

We are even seeing black trending as an interior and exterior color! Morgan talked to our friends at Northface Construction about this year’s color trends, and how interior and exterior colors can go hand in hand, giving your entire home a cohesive look, inside and out.

For more insight on trends and what to watch out for, watch our interview with Northface Construction.

So far we see a couple of basic trends for 2019. Subtle color pairings are a thing of the past and are transforming into bolder, light and dark hue combos.

Blue and grey hues together are giving homes a dynamic look and gorgeous curb appeal. Grey siding and white trim give a super trendy look, while still living within a basic, soft color palette.

We are also seeing richer colors and natural hues. Russet reds and forest green are trending for a subtly sophisticated, yet rustic look.

Check out some of our favorite color pairings.

Siding & Trim Color Pairing

#1: Blue & Grey Hues & Trim Color Pairings in 2019

#2: Black, White, and Wood

#3: Grey Siding & White Trim

#4: Richer Colors & Natural Hues

Siding & Trim Color Pairings 2
And then some common styles … 

Common Exterior Styles

Modern Exterior 

Clean lines, black windows, and wood paneling are all hitting the scene for the modern exterior this year. We love the simplicity, yet also the drama of this siding and trim pairing.

Siding & Trim Color Pairings 3

Craftsman Exterior

This is a classic and timeless exterior that’s very popular in the Midwest. We love switching it up with wood accents, colorful doors, and vertical siding to give it a unique look.
Siding & Trim Color Pairings 4

Farmhouse Exterior

Black windows, white siding, and barn lights over garage doors are the staples to this exterior look. Adding in wood elements and stone brings some warmth and a natural feel to the style as well.

Siding & Trim Color Pairings 5
Siding & Trim Color Pairings 6


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