Top Home Design Trends for 2016     

The New Year is often associated with a clean slate. Beyond personal goals and resolutions, now is the time to embrace a fresh perspective and experiment with home décor. This year bold patterns, artistic variations and ornate visuals are trending across the country.

Here are the 4 top home design trends for 2016  by Miriam Bornstein.

Art Deco-inspired Patterns and Shapes

Source: Olga Pavlovitch on Zillow Digs®

Art deco-inspired patterns and shapes are making a comeback. Look for bold geometric patterns and honeycomb shapes to pop up in home décor this year. Apply eye-catching patterns throughout your home with wallpaper, eclectic artwork or statement light fixtures. Because art deco is all about symmetry and balance, evoke drama and grandeur sparingly so guests can focus on distinct elements, instead of being overwhelmed by too many shapes and patterns.

Source: Nina Magon on Zillow Digs®

Nubby Wool Rugs

Holy texture! Nubby wool and other natural fibers are popular textiles that will appear in 2016. Beyond their incredibly soft and cozy nature, the texture of a nubby wool rug is the real crown jewel. Thanks to their unique texture, these rugs are known to hold their shape, making them great for household foot traffic. Area rugs with neutral hues, such as beige, white and gray, serve as popular go-to décor when looking to tone down bold statement pieces. A white nubby wool rug looks gorgeous laying across dark walnut stained bamboo floors or settled underneath a brightly-colored couch.

Source: Julie Wyss on Zillow Digs®

Encaustic Tiles

Popular in the Victorian era, encaustic tiles are making a comeback thanks to their bold colors and striking patterns. These intricately-placed tiles are composed of clay and minerals. Expect to see them in bathroom showers, kitchen backsplashes and fireplace mantels. Beyond their ornate patterns, encaustic tiles offer greater longevity than typical household tile due to their thick inlay and heavy finish. Although encaustic tiles may be pricier than other tile options, their unique design might justify their costly price tag.


Source: Andrew Flesher on Zillow Digs®

Artisan Accent Pieces

Looking to inspire conversation? Artisan décor creates the perfect conversation starter with guests. Proudly place travel mementos, flea market finds and antique hand-me-downs on display. If you don’t own any artisan pieces, take a trip to the flea market or leave extra room in your suitcase for artisan pieces during your next vacation. More importantly, don’t pass up locally-made and handcrafted goods. Woven rugs, crocheted basketry and detailed pottery are all great pieces to start with since they aren’t overpowering and can complement any space.

Whether you’re looking to give your room a face lift, or simply want some style inspiration, embrace the New Year with fresh ideas modified to suit your current décor. Curious about what other styles will be popular in 2016? Keep an eye out for the Zillow Digs Trend Reports to find the latest design inspiration.

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