12 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

How is it already Christmas week? This year I told myself I’d get all my shopping done, wrapped, and under the tree by December 1st and here we are multi-tasking and running wild the week of Christmas yet again.

I love wrapping gifts, however, now that I have three kids at my leg it can also be a bit stressful. What used to be a time I’d pour a glass of wine, turn the Christmas tunes on, and sit back and take my time has now turned into what is efficient.

My mom has always wrapped the nicest gifts and now I’m carrying that legacy on too. Sounds a little funny for that to be a childhood memory, but it’s one that always puts a smile on my face and still does.

So today I wanted to share some fun and unique gift wrapping ideas, yet simple and affordable if the gift wrapping stresses you out or you want to take it up a notch. 

Brown Paper for Gift Wrapping

It’s rare if we’re not wrapping any present all year long in Kraft Roll Paper.

We also use this on job sites, so we always have it on hand. The best part is you can buy a lot of it for not a whole lot of money. 

Shop Kraft Paper

Kayla Gift Wrapping  

Kraft Roll Painted Gift Wrapping Paper

Alis and Lois have the cutest idea for using Kraft paper too, here, add some fun simple patterns with paint!

Kraft Roll paper for gift wrapping

Credit: Alice and Lois

Velvet Ribbon

We’re big fans of all ribbon over here, but this season we’ve really been crushing on velvet.

In which you can find five fun colors in the construction2style shop for only $5 a roll. Couldn’t think of any other ribbon more fitting for this cozy holiday season. 

gift wrapping ribbon

We even used this adorable ribbon to hang our stockings this year. 

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Shop Ribbon 

DIY Stickers

I loved this idea from Studio DIY, using fun DIY stickers. Add some fun, playful sayings and lettering to any gift. 


Credit: Studio DIY

Cricut Name Tags

You all know how much we love our Cricut and labeling everything! Another great and unique way to use your Cricut is for unique labels or even on your gift wrapping paper.

construction2style girls

gift wrapping tools

Shop Cricut

 Money Balloons

When it comes to gifting money, how fun is this idea from Sugar and Charm? Fun for the holidays or anytime you gift money – why not make it more fun?

A balloon full of confetti and money and have them guess what’s inside. 

gift wrapping balloons

Credit: Sugar and Charm

Fresh or Faux Greenery 

Get outside and pick some free fresh greenery and add a fun little Christmas tree to the top of your wrapped package such as A Piece of Rainbow did.

I always love wrapping greenery within the ribbon but never thought about gluing it onto the actual paper and placing a fun paper star at the top. Thought this was so unique, different, and clever, yet so easy and simple to make a statement.

gift wrapping

Credit: A Piece of Rainbow

Pampas Grass

You all know how much we love our pampas grass, which we sell in the construction2style shop, just as the fresh or faux greenery, you can always tie in some pampas grass into the ribbon when wrapping up those presents.

Something unexpected, tasteful, and fun.

12 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas 1

12 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas 2

12 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas 3

Shop our pampas grass

Washi Tape

Love using washi tape when it comes to wrapping presents but one thing I never thought of that Almost Makes Perfect gave us the idea of, is using it to make fun designs all over the wrapping paper.

12 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas 4

Credit: Almost Makes Perfect

Number Your Gifts

If you have competitive kids like ours, they’ll be comparing who’s gifts are who’s under the tree until they can finally open them. One thing we found helpful is numbering the gifts instead of putting names on them.

You’ll know which number is meant for which kid and can tell them the morning they get to open! 

Multiple Gatherings

If you’re attending multiple gatherings throughout the holiday season, it may be helpful to wrap the gifts for each gathering in their own separate wrapping paper types/colors. Or, maybe a different color ribbon.

This way when it’s time to grab & go and hit the road, you know exactly which gifts are going where. 

Planning Ahead

Another tip on wrapping supplies – buy on sale for the following year!

I always find myself at TJ Maxx checking out their discounted wrapping paper as it’s usually very good quality. That way, you already know what you’ll be using ahead of time and can plan out your accessories over the year to come. 

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