Bachelorette Party Ideas | “Last Sail before the Veil”

Jamie and I both went to Vegas for our bachelor and bachelorette parties (at different times of course)!!  Jamie didn’t have too much to say besides it was a good time and of course no pictures to prove any events….I guess what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! I on the other hand documented the entire weekend. I had 16 girls all across the U.S. come from CA, IL, WA, NE, ND, MN, PA.  It was pretty cool to have some of my friends from each era of my life be apart of one of my most memorable weekends. Below are some of the cool ideas the girls and I came up with.

Cameron brought sailor hats for our cabana themed day, along with many other items, and these adorable straws for everyone that said, “Morgan’s last fling before the ring.”


fling ring

I wanted to surprise all of the girls with a little something being that had all been so willing to come and celebrate with me in Vegas.  I also wanted a theme for the weekend so I had Jamie’s friend make me the tanks below and we went with the theme, “Last Sail before the Veil.” It was the perfect theme for the weekend!




You can find these tanks or custom shirts at:



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