14 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids | 2023

Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

We know how important Valentine’s Day can be for significant others and that should never change. However when kids come into the mix you have to find ways to celebrate them during these special days as well. I bet you’re wondering what to do with kids on Valentine’s Day, well, here are 14 things to do with kids on Valentine’s Day.

    1. Valentine’s Day breakfast

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year which means you and I will be slightly time-constrained when it comes to a festive breakfast. However, making some heart-shaped waffles and slicing strawberries won’t take you long. 

Valentine's Day activities for kids

     2. Dress up 

Get something matching together with your kids! It can be as simple as socks, pajamas or sweatshirts. Snap a photo and make memories together. Dressing up is one of those wonderful things to do with kids on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Kids Activities

     3. Spot the hearts scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a great scavenger hunt? You could take a lead and hide some Valentine’s Day candy around the house, while your kids could be tasked with drawing hearts and making a couple of  “I love my mom/dad, because she/he..” notes. You might even end up getting more love out of the deal.

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

     4. Valentine’s themed games 

Cut out heart-shaped holes in a piece of cardboard and use ping-pong balls to compete. 

Valentine's Day activities for kids

    5. Bake some heart cookies

Shortbread is my all-time favorite. They are super simple to make as long as you have a food processor. You could choose to frost them or incorporate some sprinkles instead. Both options will look festive.

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

   6. Valentine’s home-aid slime 

If you have kids, you have on more than one occasion encountered their pure obsesion with slime. I challenge you to bring up slime-making for that unique Valentine’s Day activity for kids. You will need school glue, food coloring, water and a couple of more ingredients! Click here for a fun recipe and a step by step process. 

    7. Hearts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is a great Valentine’s Day event for kids. A simple craft like making heart-shaped coasters and candy heart garland or assembling candy-heart Valentine bouquet will bring that Valentine’s Day spirit into your home and help teach your littles something new. 

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

Valentines Day Activities for Kids

   8. Valentine’s themed movie

You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to make popcorn and introduce your littles to a fun movie while sharing sweet cuddles. Here are some movie ideas to make your night even more magical:  

The Princess and the Frog, The Princess BrideGnomeo and Juliet, and The Princess Diaries or that classic Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.

   9. Share and spread the love

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to remind our kids about the importance of sharing love with friends and family. This day could also be a fun opportunity to teach your kids to express their appreciation for those around them and spend some of their money on someone else to practice generosity.

Valentine's Day Activities with kids

Here are a few simple things you can do today to share the love: 

Get a $ 5 Starbucks gift card for a friend, bring Valentine’s Day cookies nicely wrapped to your neighbors, get and sign a book for your cousin, pay it forward at a drive through are all great Valentine’s Day activities for kids (and then watch their faces as they get surprised and their hearts melt). 

  10. Valentine’s date night

Valentine's Day Activities for kids

I know you may not be envisioning a date night that involves your littles, but you can do it every other year. Get them dressed to the nines, have your husband zip your daughter’s booties and help her with her coat, get her doors and help her pull her chair at a restaurant.

And have your son do some of those for you. It will offer that romantic undertone to your night and will show your kids what chivalry is all about and that it’s alive and well. 

  11. Read a Valentine’s Day book 

I went ahead and picked 11 wonderful books for you to add to your library and read on this Valentine’s Day. Here they are: 

14 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids | 2023 1

  1. Who’s In My Family | 2. I Love You Like No Otter | 3. Loads of Love | 4. Lola Dutch, I Love You So Much | 5. My Family, Your Family | 6. Love Makes A Family | 7. Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts | 8. Junie B Jones | 9. Love, Escargot | 10. Llama Llama I Love You | 11. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

   12. Valentine’s Day Cards 

I bet your kiddos know that their grandmas grew up without iphones, emails and txts, so snail mail will be dear to their hearts and oh so familiar. Funny or sweet, a card wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and reminding them how very loved they are, will bring happiness and remind them of the days of their youth.

Valentine's Day Cards


   13. Special gifts  

Are you excited to buy something special for your kiddos on this Valentine’s Day? So are we! Check out our fun selections of practical yet darling items you will fall in love with! 

14 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids | 2023 2

  1. Cake Pop Kit | 2. Lace Buddies | 3. Heart Sleeper | 4. What I Love About Being Your Mom | 5. Valentine’s Outfit | 6. Socks | 7. Heart Waffle Maker | 8. Boys Valentine’s Outfit | 9. Water Boots | 10. Rainbow Dress | 11. Puzzles | 12. Heart Sunglasses | 13. Valentine’s Pajamas | 14. Umbrella | 15. Crocodile Rain Coat |

14 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids | 2023 3

Pink Pajamas | 2. Love Always Hoodie (Matching for Mom) | 3. Conditioner & Body Wash | 4.  Wildflower Seeds | 5. Water Bottle | 6. Kids Baking Set | 7. Heart Pancake Ring | 8. Pink Rubber Boots | 9. Chocolate Game Controller | 10. Grow Love T-Shirt | 11. Big Heart T-Shirt | 12. Umbrella | 13. Coconut Body Gel | 14. Heart Blanket |

   14. Valentine’s Day Bingo 

Bingo is the perfect party game because it’s easy-to-play, it brings all ages together and is fun for different size groups. You can play it with your kids or you can double the fun and invite friends, grandparents or neighbors.  

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