2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 1

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2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 2

How is it the end of 2017 already?! As sad is it is to see the end of another great year, we always get excited for the big announcement for the new color of the year. Now is the time when each of our favorite brands are releasing their new color collections.

The color of the year provides the overall upcoming inspiration for the home.

Are you just as excited and curious about the home trends that are evolving into this next new year?

Will white cabinets stay? What will be the new colors be? Will shiplap still be going strong? Wondering what tile to put into your bathroom surround?

Well, we’re here to fill you in on what we’re seeing.

Coming from a fashion merchandising background, I’ve always loved how all things style evolve; from street style to fashion to the home. From textiles and fabrics to countertops and down to accessories in the decor, people talk about the new colors and materials, and what’s coming next.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 3

Unlike fashion however, we don’t see home trends come and go as quickly. Home styles take a while to settle in and often use the voices of the design industry influencers to gain ground and become ‘the norm.’

Although we can’t go to all the shows throughout the year to see the new trends and colors revealed, I thank goodness for social platforms to make us feel like we’re right there with them. We get to live through the designers and influencers online and know exactly what they’re seeing at the shows – usually live!

Pinterest is our favorite social platform that we turn to for home inspiration, and after spending probably way too much time on Pinterest daily we wanted to share with you guys what we’re seeing for your 2018 home design Pinterest predictions.


Get excited all of you color lovers! For 2018, the paint colors are moving from the pastels to bright and bold.

Sherwin Williams is feeling beachy, as their color for 2018 is Oceanside! 


Here are a few more of Sherwin Williams new line of colors that you’ll be seeing on the new pallet.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 4

What we’re most pumped about is that there are a lot of blue tones that are going to be on the scene, since we usually do all things blue and grey it seems. Not sure if our clients will be ready for the bold orange or bright pink quite yet! Here are some more Sherwin William’s color collection that we can get down with in 2018.

2018 paint color palette with sherwin williams

Have you noticed all of the blue little booties fashion bloggers are wearing lately? Or the bright bold colors that just hit the runway for 2018? Or the blue velvet curtains we just put up in our home and that are all over Pinterest right now? As you can see those colors and textiles are evolving from the runway into the home as well.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 5

If you’re nervous about a bold blue wall color, using your drapery, pillows or decor is a perfect way to bring in this color. Otherwise I think Oceanside would look awesome in a dining room or even on a paneled accent wall.

White isn’t leaving the home scene yet, as that was one of the colors of the year for 2016. The perfect paint color to compliment Oceanside is the Extra White, SW 7006. And this is the paint color we’re putting into our kitchen remodel.

Red is also another paint color that is back, as Benjamin Moore announced Caliente is their color this year.

It’s pretty neat to learn about how these brands forecast for the color of the year. Benjamin Moore says that their color and design team spends a year of research prior before they announce their color. They travel to over 30 cities, across 12 countries and attend over 20 industry shows capturing more than 42K photos. They then pull all this together for inspiration from the arts, design, architecture, pop culture, fashion, and home furnishings and come up with their color.

Ruby red was all over the runways in 2017 and is now making it’s way into the homes. Not too sure I’m ready for red to be back, but I am loving how all of the colors are full of energy and confidence! All of the upcoming paint colors are sure to make a statement in your home.

What’s In:

  • Everything blue
  • Red
  • Darker neutrals

What’s Out:

  • Pastels
  • Only white everything
  • Lighter neutrals

And, of course, our go-to paint tool is the HANDy Paint Pail. We use this thing all the time, and not just to paint out of. We’ve used it for staining, cleaning buckets and even to celebrate with some brews!

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 6

Our favorite thing about the pail is the magnetic strip so that your brush never falls into the paint and gets your handle all full of paint.

Just a few of the things we love about our HANDy Paint Pail:

  • Has a built-in magnetic brush holder keeps the brush secure
  • Holds a quart of paint or stain
  • Is designed for both professional and do-it-yourself painters
  • Has an adjustable and secure strap-on belt for hands-free use

And make sure to check out our painting hacks before your painting project gets underway, 8 painting hacks that will change your life. We promise it’ll help save you a ton of time and headaches.


I don’t know about you guys, but we’re seeing blue and black kitchens taking over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. From the  cabinets to the appliances to countertops.

We’re hearing black is the new white. From using black in the cabinetry, wood accents, the wall color to even the kitchen sinks and appliances, people are finding a way to bring black into their kitchen designs.

From the traditional all white kitchens we’re seeing people moving into painted cabinetry. Navy, grey and black cabinetry are all going to be a huge hit in 2018.

While painted cabinets have been on the scene for a number of years, in 2018 we’re going to be seeing homeowners really make the leap to do something different and bold from the traditional all white cabinets.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 7

If you’re into the contemporary look, all black kitchens will be hot this year, from the cabinets to the walls. Styling with open wooden shelving and bringing in some live plants will be sure to keep your kitchen on trend with 2018.

We’re also seeing concealing appliances coming back into the scene. All black stainless-steel appliances, as well as new hidden elements for dishwashers, stovetops, mixers and coffee makers, etc.

Reducing uppers and replacing with open shelving is something that has been a hit this past year and will continue into the next year. The open shelving concept is something we’re excited to incorporate into our kitchen and it’s one that’s here to stay in 2018. Minimal upper cabinetry allows for wood shelving, full wall tiling, and a more open feel. The minimalist look has been popular in recent years and has transitioned into the kitchen as well.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 8

What’s In:

  • Two-tone kitchens
  • Open shelving
  • Quartz countertops
  • Gold finishes
  • Patterned tile
  • Grey flooring
  • Wider plank flooring
  • Statement floor tile

What’s Out:

  • All white kitchens
  • Over the range microwave
  • Bright brass hardware
  • Distressed cabinets
  • Farmhouse sinks
  • Faux finishes


The move towards bold colors is moving right into the bathroom, not only in tiles and vanities but also tubs, sinks and toilets. Brass, brushed metallics and matte black faucets and fixtures will also continue to be on the rise.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 9

We will also be seeing this shift from spa-bathrooms with the large tubs to more focus on the showers – spending more real estate and money on oversized showers with two or more shower heads and wall jets.

However, the free-standing tub is here to stay. Instead of the traditional white bathtub you’ll be seeing more and more colorful tubs, such as a bold navy or black.

Quartz countertops and wooden vanities we’re seeing a large popularity in.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 10

Stone sinks will also be a popular choice against the natural elements.

Creating bathrooms that create more of a wet room is what more and more homeowners and designers are moving towards.

What’s In:

  • All shades of blue
  • Patterned tile flooring
  • Bold colors
  • Brass fixtures

What’s Out:

  • Granite vanity benches
  • All white bathrooms


Unexpected Hexagon

This past year brands really launched all kinds of different hexagonal tiles. This year we’ll be seeing brands taking new shapes and creating the hexagon tile with a new perspective.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 11


Wood looking tiles already had their moment, but from this style created a new movement, the chevron pattern. We’re starting to see a lot of brick tiles as well, and brands are launching already 45 degree cut tiles to easily create this pattern and look.


Mermaid tile has been on the scene, but not as many brands have caught on to this one yet. We’ve used these Moroccan Fish Scale tiles from Mercury Mosaics a handful of times and have loved every project.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 12

Broken Geometrics

Just like the unexpected hexagon pattern, we’re seeing all broken geometrics are big across the board. We’ll be seeing a lot of this style during this upcoming year, with some bold colors. Like it or not, it seems the 80’s are coming back!

What’s In:

  • Patterns
  • Multiple hues
  • Shapes
  • Prints

What’s Out:

  • Subway tile
  • All one shade


Velvet will be the go-to for upholstery options and decor, which I am really excited about! Add in some velvet curtains, an ottoman or make a big impact with a velvet couch in ruby red.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 13

Wabi Sabi will also catch on big time this upcoming year. It is the zen of imperfection. Minimalism is about making your mistakes into your new style.

Copper accents, black and white, natural materials, adding lots of plants, and incorporating some 80’s style will all be popular options for your home. Like the 80’s style or not, these colors from paint to decor are back.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 14

Indoor plants have been in our homes for a while now, and there is no indication of this changing anytime soon.

If you can’t commit to keeping a plant alive, then a single tree branch in a vase or a few large tree branches in a basket add a dose of life and greenery to the space. Eucalyptus is a great way to add in some greenery to any space. You can pick some up at your local florist or the faux stuff looks just as real.

In terms of decorative art, think outside the box. Textile wall hangings are still a strong trend, especially with a modern take.

2018 Home Design Pinterest Predictions 15

What’s In:

  • Indoor plants
  • Textile wall hangings
  • Bold color
  • Relaxing retreats
  • Velvet
  • Woven texture
  • Faux finishes

What’s Out:

  • All white interiors
  • Marble
  • Copper only accessories
  • Generic furniture
  • Boring bedding

How to incorporate 2018 Trends into your Home?

  • Incorporate color
  • Put in fun patterned tile
  • Put up some velvet curtains or add in a velvet ottoman
  • Add lots of plants for style
  • Change your fixtures and faucets to matte black
  • Update your bedding to something colorful and fun
  • Paint your cabinets navy blue or black
  • Update your hardware

While all these home trends are predictions, they have been based on what we’re seeing at home shows and from designers around the world.

Looks and trends will often come and go, so while you may consider some of these trends for your home, ensure the trends you incorporate are ones you will love, even when they’re no longer the ‘look’.

Something that we now live by, as told to us by one of our favorite tile designers

“Tile and construction materials are personal, they’re permanent and they make a statement. It’s about expressing yourself. If you’ve done a great job at it, then your space is going to make you feel good. That space is the backdrop of your life. Do your space proud and your life launches off that.” – Mercedes Austin


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