Modern Design with a Wet Room Feel

modern design wetroom bathroom | construction2style

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Modern Design with a Wet Room Feel | construction2style HANDY Pro Pail

When we started this bathroom project, we were going for a modern design with a wet room feel, contemplating having the full tub and shower in one enclosed room. In the end, the clients opted to have the shower separated into it’s own space but still wanted to create that wet room, modern look.

Let’s start with the fun part, the before’s… here we are taking pictures when we were first giving a bid.


wet bathroom before

wet bathroom before

And then the day we started to get to work…

Before bathroom remodel | albertville, MN interior designer + contractor | construction2style Before bathroom remodel | albertville, MN interior designer + contractor | construction2style

Fast forward a few months and here we are…


This was such a fun project to work on! We also refreshed their kitchen at the same time, which we’ll chat about in another post. These clients have a great style, and they were one of the nicest families we’ve ever worked with. And the best part, they were just down the street from us which doesn’t happen often.

Black hexagon tile wall, Modern Design with a Wet Room Feel | construction2style

There are many advantages and disadvantages of creating a wet room. The biggest disadvantage we hear is, it’s cold. And the best advantage is that it is super easy to clean and looks open and sleek.

Black and white modern bathroom | black round mirrors | black ceilings | wood vanity | construction2style

Double-headed showers, sleek modern tubs, accent walls, black ceilings and wet rooms are what everyone loves right now.

Black accents, patterned tiles, hexagon shapes, and clean lines…and some of the above are all of what we just talked about in our 2018 Pinterest prediction post and what we incorporated into this remodel.

Black hexagon tile wall, Modern Design with a Wet Room Feel | Modern White free standing tub | construction2style

What is a wet room?

It can be as simple as where the shower is open to the bathtub or set behind a single wall. It’s designed to waterproof the entire space. Best part, when it comes to cleaning you can just spray it down. Now that is my kind of cleaning! However, that also means every finishing selection you put into the design has to be able to get wet.

But they are also not a fit for every home or everyone.

Combining the bathtub and the shower is the most popular wet room look. Because let’s be real, storage can be an issue and paying for tile on every wall can add up fast for costs.

ARTEA 9.75" X 9.75" PORCELAIN FIELD TILE IN BLACK/WHITE | construction2style

We wanted to create the look of a wet room in this bathroom space without actually creating a wet room because this was a smaller space.

If you’re in the same boat and want to get this look we want to share with you the five ways to do it.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

A frameless glass shower is the ideal look for a wet room. You can hardly tell they are there, which creates a more open space feel. Another great thing about frameless glass shower doors is that they are customizable. Which allows for more flexibility but also means it can take some time when it comes to the install. But it’ll be worth it, I swear!

Tricorn black by HGTV Sherwin Williams | ARTEA 9.75" X 9.75" PORCELAIN FIELD TILE IN BLACK/WHITE | black hexagon tile Tile Shop | modern bathroom with a spa like feel | construction2style

Natural Elements

Wood vanities, millwork, quartz countertops, stone, and styling with plants and natural tote baskets are some of the many simple ways to incorporate natural elements.

Wet rooms create the look and feel of a spa. And when I think of a spa, I think of a lot of natural elements such as wood and of course, plants. Sometimes the use of a few natural materials can make a world of difference when it comes to the overall design of your home.

This was the original vanity that the homeowners had in their space. With a new light and bright countertop, sink, and faucet… it gave it a whole new look. The vanity was in good shape, so we told them to keep it! And oak is back. Add a little spring sunshine with the plants, and you’re set.



Black Ceilings

The ceilings are often the most forgotten element. When this client said they wanted black ceilings, I screamed! We love detailed ceilings, but usually, we’re doing custom coffered or a neat panel look. We’ve been super eager for a client to go with a fun paint color. The black ceiling was the icing on the cake for this space. We used Tricorn Black paint and or course our HANDy PRO Pail to paint it quickly and easily.

We can’t get anything done without our paint pails, buckets, rollers, and trays. They have changed the way we paint and live. We also use them to drink out of, ha!

But what we love about the HANDy PRO pail is it’s great for smaller spaces but large enough for a mini roller. When you need a roller but you don’t want to be jumping up and down the mini ladder to re-roll and pray you don’t drip on the floor, this guy is it. It’s small enough to carry and super easy to hold and big enough for a mini-roller. And our favorite part, it has a magnetic strip right there by my hand, so you never have to worry about your brush falling into the bucket and getting your handle and then hand full of paint.


Accent Tile Wall

Tile walls are a must when it comes to a wet room design. Typically all the walls would be tiled, but if you were just going for the look, I’d recommend an accent tile wall. With the glass frameless shower door, the space gives the illusion that it all flows together.

And if you’re going for a modern design, black is the way to go! Again, when this client said they wanted black hex tiles, I screamed! That has also been a thing we’ve wanted to incorporate.


Clean Lines

Modern design refers to the modern art movement within interiors. Modernism was a rejection of the ornate flourish styles such as Victorian and Renaissance.

Modern design was meant to use use heavy textures and wood tones throughout the home. Therefore, most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, includes clean, straight lines with no additional detail.

Simple ways to incorporate modern design is with the use of clean lines, lack of clutter and bold accents such as abstract wall art or fun patterned wall or floor tiles. This client wanted a modern design style so we suggested using a lot of black and white tiles in all shapes, sizes, textures and patterns.


This was such a fun project to work on! Our clients we’re willing to step a little out of their comfort zone and take the risk of creating something completely new within their home. I hope they are enjoying it now as much as we did working with them.





This was such a fun project to create! We’re sad to see it end. It’s always fun when the clients want to take some risks and do something a little different, like painting their ceilings black. Hopefully they have some more remodeling up ahead in their home in the near future, we’re already missing their sweet family.


modern bathroom with wet room feel

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