25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors

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25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what our favorite paint color is or what paint colors we’d recommend. Paint color can make a huge impact in a room and completely change the feel of a space.

It’s an important design decision for any project and one that we base many other selections on. Today, we’re sharing 25 of the best neutral paint colors for home interiors as well as our favorite moody hues, bright colors, grays, and whites.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors

Moody Deep Hues

1. Hunter Green

One of my favorite moody colors is Hunter Green Benjamin Moore 2041-10. When we added a bathroom to our basement, we used this paint for the first time, and it was love at first sight. It’s a deep green that draws you in and pairs perfectly with blacks and gold.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 1

2. Naval

Naval Sherwin Williams 6244, is our favorite blue paint color. It’s a true blue, not too bright, but not too dull, and sets up a perfect deep moody tone. We knew we wanted to paint the golden oak built-ins in our basement a deep blue and we were going back and forth on a handful, and in the end, we chose Naval and are so glad we did.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 2

3. Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams 6258 is the color we painted the shiplap in our dining room. It’s the black we always go to since it’s a true black with no hints/undertones of other colors.

Elk River Dining Room | construction2style

4. Night Watch

Night Watch PPG 1145-7 is another of our favorite greens because it has an elegant, yet modern feel. We love this paint for a more formal room, like an office or dining room.

Night Watch Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Elle Decor

5. Inchyra Blue

Inchyra Blue Farrow + Ball No.289 is a dark gray-blue, and we love it paired with this amazing crown molding and chandelier. This color is more like the perfect slate blue that’s not too dark or light.

Inchyra Blue Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Farrow + Ball

6. Dinner Party

For a deep and formal color, we like Dinner Party AF-300 from Benjamin Moore. This color is great for an accent wall in a dining room or as a statement in a powder bath.

Dinner Party Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Trelora

Bring on the Color

7. Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay Sherwin Williams 9172 is the 2019 Color of the Year for the paint brand. We love this color because it can be found almost everywhere in fashion, materials, and homes, from terra cotta pots to old brick, this color is so fun, but also timeless.

Cavern Clay Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Sherwin Williams

8. Black Spruce

Dang, we love this Black Spruce DE6308 by Dunn Edwards with the gold lighting! If you’re looking to make a statement with your cabinets, this is the perfect color. This earthy color pairs well with wood and other natural elements.

Black Spruce Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Pinterest

9. Stiffkey Blue

Another of our favorites, Stiffkey BlueNo.281 by Farrow + Ball is a bright blue that’s fun, yet rich and deep. We love how Emily Henderson used this blue as a statement in this bathroom paired with gold accents and patterned wallpaper.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 3

Photo: Emily Henderson

10. Paris Pink

If you’re looking for a bright pink, Paris Pink 1181-6 by PPG is for you! This fuchsia pink makes a pop, and we love this bold color to make a statement in a bedroom or office.

Paris Pink Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: PPG Paints

11. Rosé Season

This color, Rosé Season by Clare, is a great toned-down pink that still packs a punch. To add a feminine touch to any room, this pink is the perfect amount of girly and elegance.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 4

Photo: Clare

12. Green Smoke

In this room with Green Smoke No.47 by Farrow + Ball, the color shines when paired with white and light wood floors. Deep green is the perfect way to add a natural feel to any room.

Green Smoke Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Pinterest

13. Mustard

Cut the Mustard Sherwin Williams 6384 is an alternative to gold, and this mustard is a deep yellow that looks awesome as a focal point, such as an accent wall or above a fireplace. The perfect color in small doses to make a statement in a bathroom or to pair with other mustard decor.

Cut the Mustard Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Sherwin Williams

Best Neutral Interior Paint Colors

14. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore HC-172 is one of our favorite colors ever! We’ve used it for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and bedrooms. It’s the perfect neutral because it’s not too light or dark and can easily blend with brown tones or gray tones. We believe this is one of the best neutral interior paint colors; we even painted our office this color, and we never get tired of it.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 5

15. Barcelona Beige

Another great neutral is Barcelona Beige7530 by Sherwin Williams. It’s lighter than most neutrals but has more warmth than a plain white. We think it’s perfect to transition between rooms or even for a whole main level.

Barcelona Beige Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Favorite Paint Color Blog

16. Cedar Key | Benjamin Moore

Cedar Key can fall under the white category, but if you compare it to a white, it’ll look like a soft neutral. In our first investment property, we painted all the cabinetry Cedar Key, and it’s still one of our favorites that we go back to often.

Moroccan Fish Scales Tile by Mercury Mosaics | construction2style

17. Stone Creek

With Stone Creek BXC-56 by Behr, you’ll see a neutral that pairs well with modern decor and is light and bright. This color is an elegant neutral that instantly improves a room.

Stone Creek Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Behr

18. Aged Beige

For a farmhouse look, Aged BeigePPU7-9 Behr is a perfect choice. Whether it’s painted on shiplap or on its own, this is a great color for any living space, since it’s simple and timeless.

Aged Beige Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Joyful Derivatives


19. Ellie Gray

The number one gray we recommend is Ellie Gray7650 by Sherwin Williams. When we refreshed our mudroom, we used this color for the cabinets and loved how it turned out. This gray works with so many different styles and spaces; we love its versatility.

25 Best Paint Colors for Home Interiors 6

20. Mindful Gray

If you’re looking for a classic and elegant gray, Mindful Gray3476 by HGTV Sherwin Williams is the best paint color. This color works well on the walls or in a kitchen for the cabinetry as well.

Mindful Gray Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: The Creativity Exchange

21. Fieldstone

In the color Fieldstone 1558 by Benjamin Moore, there are hints of olive green undertones, which make this an earthy gray. This is one of the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets where you want a deeper gray that’s a little more unique than a standard gray, but not too bold.

Fieldstone Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: Pinterest


22. Alabaster

Alabaster, Sherwin Williams 7008, is one of Joanna Gaines’s go-to paint colors as a neutral in her farmhouse, as well as many other Fixer Upper homes you’ve seen on HGTV. This white is creamier than most and adds a sense of warmth that most whites may not have.

Alabaster Paint Color | construction2style

Photo: HGTV

23. Snowbound

Another of our favorites is Snowbound Sherwin Williams 7004. When we remodeled our kitchen last year, we painted the walls Snowbound because of the neutral and timeless color.

Snowbound is a color we also recommend a lot for our clients for the trim in their home. As far as whites, it’s one of the best paint colors out there, and we love it.

DIY Range Hood | construction2style

24. White Dove

Another classic and best paint color is White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore, which we’ve used in so many projects. Whether it’s used for trim or cabinetry, it’s the perfect white for accents in your space.

White Dove Paint Color | construction2style

25. Simply White

And finally, Simply White by Benjamin Moore is another of our favorites for a classic white. In this kitchen, the cabinets are painted Simply White, and we love how beautiful they turned out!

Simple White Paint Color | construction2style

There you have it, our best paint colors & the best neutral interior paint colors. Let us know what you think & we can’t wait to see your future projects!

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