Fascinating Modern Scandinavian Bedroom Design | Project 62

modern scandinavian bedroom decor

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Scandinavian Bedroom Designs

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Ok, who’s been to Target this past week?! I was there last Monday and well, again on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they were all busy bees setting up the new home display – Project 62.

They just launched Project 62, and it is looking pretty dang inspiring. As if I already didn’t have a spending problem at Target when it came to the home decor section!

Project 62 is modern pieces made for everyday living. From what I could see in the store it was all super clean, minimal, light color fabrics that compliment a lot of metallics…and you could find anything for any style home to compliment your look.

It reminded me a lot of my favorite style, Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian design is hitting the scene in the States, and we are super excited to share some of our favorite pieces for a modern bedroom. I’m a full-fledged Scandinavian, but Jamie likes to make fun of me because I always say I’m like 60% Swedish and 40% Norwegian.

He never buys it. Haha! But I’m sticking to it. Regardless I love the style.

This design movement started in the 50s in Scandinavian countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Some of the characteristics of this design style include functionality, simplicity, and a minimalistic approach.

modern bedroom

Photo Credit: Naomi Findlay

scandinavian bedroom

Photo Credit: Scandis

Elements that are popular in this design style include white walls, grey, and slate blues in various textiles. Wood is a major element, as well as clean lines, and few accessories.

It’s simple, not cluttered, and modern, yet classic.

So today we’re sharing with you some of our favorite picks to buy to get that Scandinavian inspired bedroom look.

modern Scandinavian bedroom

1. Area Rug

Fascinating Modern Scandinavian Bedroom Design | Project 62 1

2. Dresser

modern wood dresser

3. Duvet Cover

slate blue duvet cover

4. Headboard

wood headboard

5. Bench 

mid century modern bench

6. Wood Wall Art

wooden wall shelve with hooks

7. Chair 

grey modern chair

8. Nightstand

wood Scandinavian dresser

9. Lamp

modern white gold lamp

With those pieces, you will for sure have a Scandinavian feel in your bedroom. Even better, you don’t have to go to the store to get these items. You can buy them online at Target’s website. Bonus, get free shipping on your items by clicking here –> Free Shipping. 

free shipping

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Tag us @construction2style with your before and after pics! We love to give your spaces some love. Happy shopping and styling friends!








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