A New Day Has Come, My Tattoo Journey

Morgan Molitor | Tattoo Journey

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So here it goes, friends. 157 days ago, I embarked on a new journey … If you saw my Instagram post, this is probably why you’re reading.

Writing this piece has been a process. One that began back in June when I casually mentioned on Instagram stories, “Sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to hear more about my tattoo.” … and then, crickets on my end.

Little did I know that simple statement would unravel into a flood of words pouring from my heart on paper and take me months to hit the publish and send button. 

Morgan Molitor | Tattoo Journey

Write, Peel Back the Layers

Before I share something deeply personal public, I write openly privately. I write, and write, pouring from my heart, peeling back the layers. This is how I write and I encourage you to take some time to do the same. Whether you want to share whatever is on your heart and mind publically or keep it to yourself. It’s good for the soul. 

Writing like no one is reading is my way of peeling back the layers, exposing my vulnerability to its core.

The pages of my journal and drafted blog posts are filled with raw emotions, thoughts, and revelations.

I write and write, or type and type until my innermost truth is laid bare on the paper. I practice this daily.

Then comes the daunting task of refining, of sifting through the overflow of words to find the essence of the story. Then I sit with it. And come back to my paper later for more reflection.

Being Vulnerable is Hard

Like really, really hard.

I’ve always prided myself on being an open book, embracing vulnerability, and striving to stay true to my authentic self, whether in my personal life or online interactions. It can be a blessing and a curse. But as I sit here, preparing to publish this piece and other ones to come, it hits differently. So I’ll be sharing a bit differently too. 

In the spirit of transparency, I won’t share every single itty bitty detail of this journey. Some emotions are too sacred and too personal to put into words. And some things I’m still digesting, learning, growing into, and overcoming. 

But what I can promise is an authentic glimpse into my journey, a testament to the strength found in vulnerability, and the courage to embark on a path less traveled.

What I want to start to share today with you is this … 

You have to be Your Biggest Advocate

Your best cheerleader, your biggest fan. Until then no change will happen. And you have to believe it. Self-empowerment fosters resilience, self-belief, and mental strength, enabling you to overcome ANY challenge.

This year, I’m championing myself as my biggest supporter. Cheering for yourself isn’t just a gesture; it’s a must for transformation.

And I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. I’ve always said I’m my biggest advocate and one day it hit me, but do I believe that? And I have been doing some deep work over these last five months to become just that. 

When you become your advocate, you ignite a spark that drives change. It’s not just about self-love; it’s about having unwavering faith in your potential.

Read that again.

It’s about putting YOU first. And that’s what I’ve been practicing. And it’s hard. Even putting myself before my kids and husband. Because if I’m not good, none of the most important relationships I have in my life will be healthy.

So, What Have I been Doing? 

One significant step I’ve taken for clarity is embracing a life without alcohol. I’m around 158- ish days … I don’t count. But I know I’ll never forget day one – April 29th, 2023. 

I’ve been reluctant to share because I don’t want that title – “sober” – to be quite honest. I don’t want any title. I don’t want that to define me or who I’m becoming in this new chapter of my life. But it’s who I currently am, so it’ll be what it will be. 

Because of this decision, it has sparked some wild transformations within me—shifts I didn’t know were possible. And that’s what I want the focus to be as we share moving forward. 

A focus on a healthier lifestyle, mental clarity, reduced anxiety (BIG TIME), better sleep, heightened energy, and financial savings—the benefits have been endless for me. 

I also want to be clear – that I am not saying that there is anything wrong with alcohol because don’t get me wrong, I love a good glass of wine. But life has been pretty damn good without it.

And guess what, I still go to breweries (there are a lot of great NA options out there now). I still dance my pants off, and I’ve been the last one standing at the get-to-gathers. I still laugh my pants off and interact as I normally would … the list is endless … I’ve just been sober doing it.

The best part – most people at the table don’t even realize it.

And that’s just the way I like it (and still want it), which is why I’ve been hesitant to share. We’ll talk all about this later -my biggest fears, some of which came true and most of which didn’t. 

My most profound realization has been silencing the noise, eliminating life’s chaos, and being able to see very clearly. Is this because of being alcohol-free? I don’t know. But what I do know is, it’s led me down this path. Could I have gotten to this point eventually? Maybe. 

But the elimination of alcohol has led to the elimination of chaos in this life of mine, and it’s been pretty damn refreshing. When an issue arises (which is done daily) instead of going…

“ugh, I need a glass of wine. I’ll deal with this tomorrow.”

I deal with it.

Anything I used to use alcohol for as a coping mechanism – I know face head-on. Confidently. And most time my answer is, “Ya, we’re done here.” And I eliminate the chaos. Because guess what – we get to choose how we want to live our life and with whom when we truly put ourselves first. 

Life got life-y for me, as I like to call it. It got too loud. I was surrounding myself with too many soul suckers, maintaining my people-pleasing personality. It was a lot and it was heavy. Sophicating, quite honestly. And I broke. I hit rock bottom. And four of the most important people in my life – picked me back up and helped me set my sights on what truly matters. And now sometimes we laugh because they’ll say – “they can’t get to you without going through me.” They are my ride-or-die kinda of people. One of which is Jamie, and for that, I’m forever grateful for what he’s sacrificed for a healthy version of me. And our marriage has only become stronger and more resilient! 

What I’m getting at is … life, man. You gotta have the right people by your side. I now have zero tolerance for noise – be it from family, friends, or clients. I don’t waste a second of any day. And I truly can say I feel more grounded than ever in my day-to-day choices.

Boundaries Aren’t Just a Good Idea; They’re a GOD Idea

Turns out, this is true. It’s written in scripture. But we’ll delve into boundaries in another discussion. I’ll share more about my boundaries, how I’ve implemented them, and how you can too. What I once thought was selfish, has given me a whole new set of lense. 

Will I abstain from alcohol forever? I can’t predict that. Will I quit my job tomorrow? Equally uncertain. What I can affirm today, is a “no” to both. 🌟 

So what does the tattoo on my arm mean? It’s the coordinates of a special place in the woods. That started this journey I’m on of self-reflection, putting myself first, and being my biggest fan. One foot in front of the other, choosing your best hell yes, one step, one day at a time. It’s a reminder of every second I look down to get my head back up and in the game. 

Let’s Chat Again Soon, OK? 

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll explore topics like facing fears, establishing boundaries, evaluating your relationships and time, relying on meaningful connections, and embracing the present moment, truly living your best authentic self. 

I’ll share more about this journey, but wanted to simply open with this. For now. 

Here’s to living a life of abundance in ways you didn’t imagine. 💫🌟 


Morgan Molitor | Tattoo Journey

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  1. Writing like no one is reading is my way of peeling back the layers, exposing my vulnerability to its core.
    I agree with this! That’s really good for the soul!

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