Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey

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Alright, friends – here’s a post I never expected to write. Because I am no health, or weight loss expert. But our Instagram friends and community have been observant, continuously inquiring, “What’s going on?” And as I began to start to reply to these messages, it dawned on me that my journey this past year was far too big for a simple direct message. After writing from my heart here on the blog about what exactly it is, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve surpassed the 4K+ word count mark. So, get your popcorn ready and kick back because this is a lengthy one. But I’ve extensively outlined in this blog post the actions I took, and continue to take, to successfully shed over 30+ pounds.

Yes, I’ve experienced weight loss over this last year, but this was never the goal. Being it was never my agenda, I didn’t actively monitor my weight. However, due to recent factors like childbirth, medical appointments, and follow-ups, I had a fairly accurate estimate of my weight. Thanks to your curiosity, I did step on the scale, and it turns out I’ve shed around 30 pounds. In my last physical, my weight consistently hovered around 158 pounds, and now, I find myself at 125 pounds. But it’s not about the scale and it never was. 

“Morgan, you look great! What is your secret? What have you been eating?” “I saw your post about going alcohol-free. Has that been a big of your weight loss?” “You look different, what’s going?” “Whatever you’re doing, I need to know.” “I’m stuck and there’s nothing I can do to change it.” 

Some of the many questions and comments that I’ve been addressed with. When these questions started it sparked a pivotal moment for me, to dive deeper. The frequent inquiries about my transformation nudged me to contemplate the magnitude of change in my life.

This journey, that I guess included weight loss now too, is a saga overflowing with lessons, hurdles, and victories that should be shared in their entirety. That’s why I’m here, pouring my thoughts into this blog post to narrate my ongoing transformation—a story that’s more than just shedding physical weight, but mental and spiritual too. 

Here’s the thing – my approach is rooted in the power of the mind, with physical benefits as a consequential bonus. Since my “freshman 15” and after birthing three beautiful children, I have relentlessly (what feels like) tried everything, from experimenting with intensified workouts, dietary shifts, and various programs – and nothing worked. For the first time in my life I’m doing mental work and the psychical has naturally happened. This is why I’m going to be walking you through all the things I’ve been implementing, that has played a huge role in my mental state, because these are the tools needed for me to become the best version of my psychical self too. And the first thing I had to do was mentally trash every strategy I’ve ever known. 

Trashing Every Strategy

Last April, I cracked open. In other words, I hit rock bottom. The first move I made was surrendering completely to everything I had ever known (while clutching tightly onto hope and faith), and that included bidding farewell to alcohol. This one is hard to explain unless you’ve been through it – but alcohol has a magical power. And it’s not just about saying – I’m going to stop drinking for awhile. It’s about diving into the actual mental state within this drug – educating yourself on it, whether you have an addiction or not. You truly explode this entire system. You trash every strategy that you knew, the curated ideas of self. There is a lot when it comes to alcohol and identity. And it all is disrupted, it all goes out the window. It all disappears as you plug into the unknown. 

Every strategy I’ve ever known I threw out the window. And I’m talking everything.

Last spring someone told me to look at every conversation with “You could be right.” And that stuck. and continues to circle in my mind daily.  he majority of the times, saying this to myself in my head and then smiling and nodding with curiosity on the outside. Because of that I know have more intentional relationships, a sense of self, healthy boundaries, skin, sex, more money, more time, more joy, and love. Giving me purpose or fullness. And a lifetime ahead of me to evolve.

In essence, I’ve embarked on a complete overhaul—mentally, physically, and emotionally—exploring realms from faith to politics, alongside navigating the intricate web of family and friends. It’s been quite the adventure, surprisingly enjoyable, I must say. It’s like hitting the reset button, unlearning the old ways to make room for fresh perspectives and improved methods, and embracing the journey of unlearning, clearing the slate to welcome new and often better ways of living and being.

Honestly, I’ve come across these various words, terms, and strategies in the past, and I thought, “Okay, I understand.” I believed I was doing fine. However, it seems that God had different intentions. As with many aspects of life, sometimes you have to experience things firsthand to truly comprehend them. Initially, I had no real understanding of what this entailed, but I certainly do now.

Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey 1

Morning Mindfulness Ritual

Waking up at 5 AM has become a cornerstone of my daily routine—a sacred time I reserve for myself to set the tone for the day ahead. This early rise isn’t just about embracing the quiet hours before the world awakens; it’s an intentional step toward nurturing my mental and emotional well-being. As my children are sleeping, and so is my phone and inbox, I get to indulge in moments of mindfulness and reflection that have become vital for my growth journey. This isn’t a time for me to workout, it’s a time for me to read, write, reflect, do some morning mediation or stretches. 

One of the first things I do upon waking is to dive into an audiobook. It’s my way of feeding my mind with positivity and inspiration right from the start. The words of wisdom, stories of resilience, and insightful lessons instill a sense of motivation and purpose within me. Listening to these audiobooks acts as a catalyst for self-improvement, shaping my mindset and guiding my intentions for the day ahead. I kicked off a resource blog post by sharing a compilation of the books that have been captivating my mind and mornings.

Following this, I dedicate time to writing and reflection. Whether it’s jotting down my thoughts, gratitude journaling, or simply reflecting on my aspirations and goals, this practice of putting pen to paper allows me to streamline my thoughts and articulate my intentions for the day. It’s a moment of quiet introspection that helps me acknowledge my strengths, recognize areas for growth, and align my actions with my goals.

This morning mindfulness ritual has significantly contributed to my journey of personal development and well-being. It’s not merely about waking up early; it’s about waking up with purpose. By embracing this routine, I’ve discovered that setting aside this time for myself grants me a sense of empowerment and control over my day. It sets a positive tone, allowing me to navigate challenges more mindfully and approach opportunities with clarity and intention.

In essence, this morning practice of early rising, immersing myself in uplifting content, and dedicating time to reflection serves as a powerful anchor in my life. It provides me with the space to cultivate a positive mindset, shape my aspirations, and set my intentions, paving the way for a day filled with purpose and productivity. Which ultimately leads to fueling my body, mind, and soul with all that is good. Something that helps hold me accountable, because I know I’ll have to show up here tomorrow and report back to myself on the day before. 

Consumption, Eating & Drinking Clean

We’ve all head this buzz word, clean eating. And well I thought I knew what it was, until I actually started paying a bit more attention. Again this came from starting my days with intention. All of what I’m sharing within this blog post is a ripple effect. I was first absorbing my mind with goodness, and that led to my body too. I wanted anything that goes within me – to be full of good. And listening to my body too. Paying closer attention. What am I feeling right now? Stress eating, anxiety, out of boredom – or am I actually hunger. I don’t follow any program – what I follow is listening to my body and honoring that. 

Meals & Intermittent Fasting

I’m also big on intermittent fasting. With typically two meals a day, this approach allows me to savor and appreciate my food while promoting better digestion and metabolic health.

When it comes to meals, I’ve found a balance that works well for me—one lighter meal and another more substantial one, usually in the latter part of my eating window – when I’m making food for Jamie and we can sit down and enjoy our meals together as a family.

I’m also a big fan of high protein meals and quality protein bites and drinks between. This method not only helps in maintaining energy levels but also supports my body’s nutritional needs. With being fueled high protein and also the supplements I’ve been taking, I’ve discovered that I’m less inclined to snack throughout the day, if ever, and my cravings have subsided. 

Clean eating is at the core of my dietary approach. For me, it’s about choosing whole, minimally processed foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. No, I do not do this every time and I also don’t get obsessed with this. I just do the best I can without the pressure. This means incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats into my meals. It’s about being mindful of what goes into my body and making conscious choices that nourish me from the inside out.

While I don’t adhere strictly to calorie counting, I prioritize the quality of the food I consume. Clean eating isn’t about deprivation or stringent rules; it’s about fueling my body with nutrient-dense foods that support my health and well-being. I’ve found that by focusing on wholesome, unprocessed foods, I naturally feel more energized, satiated, and better equipped to meet the demands of my day.

As for indulgences, I don’t deny myself the occasional treat. After dinner, I often enjoy something sweet or savory, a little indulgence that adds a touch of satisfaction to my day. It’s about balance—nourishing my body with clean, wholesome foods while allowing myself the flexibility to enjoy the foods I love in moderation.

It’s all about just paying closer attention, nourishing the body with foods that support its optimal function and well-being while embracing balance and mindfulness in my eating habits.

Protein, Protein, Protein 

I’m absolutely hooked on the Nourish protein shakes! They’ve become a staple in my daily routine, always drinking one during lunch and as a satisfying midday or nighttime snack. I just bought the brownie chocolate flavor, and it’s my go-to when I’m in the mood for a treat. However, the vanilla has always been my staple. I usually fuel it with ice, milk, water, chia seeds, kale or spinach, peanut butter, bananas – and really any fruit or vegetable I have on hand. Or sometimes just water and I grab and go. 

Let me share why Nourish stands out for me. It’s not just a protein shake; it’s a GOS prebiotic meal replacement with immediate benefits for improved gut health and nutrition. What sets it apart is the inclusion of biofermented vitamins and chelated minerals, enhancing nutrient absorption and utilization. Nourish is also enriched with GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), a potent prebiotic fiber.

Each serving of Nourish packs 15 grams of protein and a mere 80 calories. But here’s the exciting part – beyond its nutritional value, this delightful beauty shake has clinically proven cosmetic benefits. It promotes healthier, more resilient skin by enhancing hydration and reducing the appearance of redness and wrinkles. So, it’s not just a protein shake; it’s a holistic treat that nourishes both body and skin.

Bye, Bye Booze

Discovering the impact of eliminating alcohol from my life turned out to be more significant than I initially thought. The combination of alcohol and sugars found in mixers or accompanying bar food can impede weight loss and potentially lead to weight gain. While alcohol does contribute calories, becoming a favorite social and cultural pastime, its effects on weight management are notable. Studies indicate that alcohol can promote dysbiosis and bacterial overgrowth, resulting in an increase in the release of endotoxins produced by gram-negative bacteria. These endotoxins, in turn, activate proteins and immune cells that foster inflammation. While some studies highlight potential health benefits, such as red wine lowering the risk of heart disease, it’s essential to recognize the intricate relationship between alcohol and overall well-being, especially for those aiming to shed stubborn pounds.

Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey 2 

Supplements, Tranont 

Ok, let’s chat supplements. A topic I haven’t discussed publicly until now. Historically, my experiences with supplements were often leaving me without noticeable mental or physical effects. However, in the course of this journey, these supplements have been a game changer. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I’ve embraced a selection of supplements that play a crucial role in supporting my overall well-being, with a particular focus on managing sugar levels while staying fueled and focused.

I rely on four specific products, all sourced from the brand Tranont, and they have become integral part of my daily routine.

Here’s the four products I’ve been using:

  1. Transform – Reduces glucose spikes from food to help improve metabolism, reduce brain fog, increase energy & focus, and curb cravings. This is the one that has made a difference in my weight loss.
  2. Glow, Collagen – Increased hydration, antioxidants, and lean muscle mass support.
  3. Zest Sticks – Heightens focus, increases energy, helps curb cravings & improves mood.
  4. Protein Shakes – Improved gut health and nutrition.
  5. Enhance Creamer – Supports weight management, improves focus, supports cognitive function, and provides natural energy.
  6. Enrich – Improves digestion, nutrient intake, and post-meal comfort.
  7. Balance – An advanced, high-potency supplement that provides all the daily nutrients your body needs to form the cornerstone of a comprehensive health-maintenance program.
  8. Boost – Supports healthy blood flow, circulation, physical performance, and recovery. Helps increase energy and endurance & supports circulatory and heart health.
  9. Renew – Boosts antioxidant protection & supports healthy cellular function. Promotes healthy immune function, wellness, and vitality.

Tranont Daily Supplements | Energy, Fuel | construction2style Weight Loss Journey

Now let’s dive into the details behind each … 


If I’m being honest – I thought this would be another pill. I rely on this being it’s a sugar-transforming enzyme, called Transform, which has brought about transformative changes in my health.

I’ve struggled with sugar highs and lows for quite some time. Despite seeking medical advice and repeatedly expressing concerns to various doctors, the recurring answer was always “no” to diabetes without further investigation or action. This left me feeling hopeless and frustrated. The episodes of sudden shakes, occurring at least twice a day, were a daily ordeal, and I always kept sugar on hand to manage these incidents. Numerous attempts with different diets and medical consultations led to no solution. The only relief came from a quick fix of licorice or sugar, until now.

It’s pretty wild to even think about, it immediately stopped when I started using Transform. The impact has been nothing short of mind blowing. I still can’t even believe it. Previously, these episodes would occur multiple times a day, but since incorporating Transform into my routine, not a single incident has transpired. It’s been an incredible and transformative experience, especially witnessed by my friend Abbie, who has seen these challenges firsthand, when she was over and doing my hair one time and the spike dropped swiftly and fast and she ran out to her car and grabbed me her bottle of Transform and said – just try this for a week and see what happens. The rest is history. 

Within Transform – these enzymes offer immediate benefits that go beyond regulating glucose spikes. They’ve significantly improved my metabolism, helping to reduce brain fog and enhancing my energy and focus throughout the day. Additionally, they’ve played a pivotal role in curbing unwanted cravings, allowing me to maintain better control over my dietary choices.

Looking at the long-term benefits, these sugar-transforming enzymes have become an essential part of my routine for their potential to regulate weight management effectively. Moreover, they improve overall body function and metabolic activity while supporting healthy digestion—a vital aspect of maintaining optimal health.

The blend of all-natural ingredients specifically designed to promote effective blood sugar management sets our sugar-transforming enzymes apart. This natural approach aligns perfectly with my commitment to holistic wellness, ensuring that my body receives the support it needs without relying on synthetic compounds or additives.

These enzymes have been a game-changer for me, providing the necessary support to regulate my sugar levels and fostering a healthier lifestyle. By incorporating these supplements into my daily routine, I’ve experienced profound changes that have positively impacted my overall health and well-being.


Wanna glow – this is for you? I can visually see the effects this has made for me. GLOW, is an advanced type 1 collagen combined with superfood antioxidant support, that extend beyond immediate advantages. This supplement offers an instant boost in hydration, provides a rich source of antioxidants, and contributes essential support for lean muscle mass, which has notably benefited my overall well-being. I enjoy drinking this cold and I just guzzle this baby right out of the bottle morning and night. 

GLOW has significantly improved the health and vitality of my hair, skin, and nails, providing a renewed sense of radiance and strength. It’s not just about the external appearance but also the internal rejuvenation and sense of vitality it fosters.

The unique blend of quality ingredients within GLOW is what drew me in—10g of protein, collagen, l-citrulline, biotin, and hyaluronic acid—all working in harmony to support my body’s needs and contribute to my overall health journey. This supplement isn’t just about beauty enhancements but is fundamentally about nurturing my body from within, ensuring it thrives and remains in optimal condition.

Zest Sticks 

Okkkkkk … can NOT live without these anymore. I was an energy drink lover. Well, that has changed. You can find the Zest Stick in my drink most of the time, in particular the vanilla lavender lemonade. YUM. Need to get dialed in and be laser focused – this is for you.

What also stands out the most is the immediate boost they provide. These sticks, enriched with an energizing focus blend, quickly enhance my focus and energy levels, helping me stay alert and attentive throughout the day. The ability to curb cravings and uplift my mood has been nothing short of remarkable, ensuring a sustained level of productivity and positivity.

Even better – the Zest Stick Packs have a the long-term benefits. Beyond the immediate effects, these sticks have become my ally in establishing and maintaining healthier habits. Their support in encouraging better lifestyle choices has been transformative, as I find myself naturally gravitating towards activities and choices that contribute to my overall well-being.

The distinction in these sticks lies in their unique formulation. Zest doesn’t just provide a temporary energy surge; it collaborates with my body’s natural chemistry to support natural energy production and mental alertness. This collaboration ensures that I’m not just relying on a quick fix, but rather fostering a sustained sense of being in control and maintaining a productive, focused mindset throughout the day.

Protein Shakes

And lastly, I mentioned the Nourish protein shakes when chatting about the food I consume. I’m absolutely hooked on the these! They’ve become a staple in my daily routine, my go-to lunch and as a satisfying midday or nighttime snack. I just bought the brownie chocolate flavor for when I’m in the mood for a treat. But the vanilla has always been my staple. And I usually fuel it with ice, milk, water, chia seeds, kale or spinach, peanut butter, bananas – and really any fruit or vegetable I have on hand.

Let me share why Nourish stands out for me. It’s not just a protein shake; it’s a GOS prebiotic meal replacement with immediate benefits for improved gut health and nutrition. What sets it apart is the inclusion of biofermented vitamins and chelated minerals, enhancing nutrient absorption and utilization. Nourish is also enriched with GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), a potent prebiotic fiber.

Each serving of Nourish packs 15 grams of protein and a mere 80 calories. But here’s the exciting part – beyond its nutritional value, this delightful beauty shake has clinically proven cosmetic benefits. It promotes healthier, more resilient skin by enhancing hydration and reducing the appearance of redness and wrinkles. So, it’s not just a protein shake; it’s a holistic treat that nourishes both body and skin. Cheers to the brownie chocolate indulgence!

Here’s a little video recording I did with Abbie who got me hooked on these as she experienced firsthand what was happening with me. 


Enhance Creamer

This was one of the most recent things I’ve added and I won’t be leaving this off my cart anytime soon. First off, it makes my coffee taste so good in the morning! But you can put it in anything. It’s a drink supplement designed to transform your beverage experience while offering a plethora of immediate and long-term benefits. Immediately upon consumption, Enhance elevates your drink’s flavor profile, aiding in weight management, sharpening focus, and bolstering cognitive function, all while providing a natural boost of energy. The benefits don’t stop there.

Over time, Enhance fosters an overall sense of well-being, empowering you to tackle tasks with vigor and make healthier lifestyle choices. What sets Enhance apart is its unique blend of natural mood enhancers and essential amino acids, ensuring that every sip leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unlike other supplements, Enhance goes beyond mere nutritional enhancement, incorporating keto-friendly MCT-oil powder and grass-fed ghee for an unparalleled level of support in energy, focus, and weight management. With Enhance, every drink becomes an opportunity to nourish both body and mind, unlocking your full potential with every sip.


As one of the most impactful digestive-enzyme formulations on the market, this blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics helps to support gut health and healthy digestion so your body can get the most nutritional value from what you eat. 


Balance is an advanced, high-potency supplement that provides all the daily nutrients your body needs to form the cornerstone of a comprehensive health-maintenance program.

This exclusive combination of whole foods is packed with phytonutrients, patented amino-acid-chelated minerals, and an antioxidant blend that all work together to improve your nutrient intake and support daily function.


A daily dietary nitrate supplement that promotes natural nitric oxide (NO) production within the body to help support heart health, aid blood flow, and facilitate circulation and nutrient dispersion. Supports healthy blood flow, circulation, physical performance, and recovery. Helps increase energy and endurance & supports circulatory and heart health. Powerful blend of organic ingredients that encourage natural nitric oxide production in the body and all the benefits that come with it.


Renew uses antioxidants vitamin-E tocotrienols and geranylgeraniol (GG) from the Amazonian annatto tree to support and replenish your cells and ultimately to help fight the negative effects of aging to keep your body functioning its best. Boosts antioxidant protection & supports healthy cellular function. Promotes healthy immune function, wellness, and vitality.

Want to maintain your body’s youthful glow, vitality, and wellness? Use an antioxidant supplement. Renew is a natural way to help maintain your youthful vigor and appearance, while supporting your joints, bones, heart, nervous system, and overall health and well-being. 


Not sure where to start, here are some of the best bundles I’d recommend – you’ll love it all so it really just depends on what you want to spend to get started. 

Psychical Fitness Routine

For me, it wasn’t about extreme diets or rigorous workout routines; it was about incorporating small, consistent changes into my daily life. I started by embracing a more active lifestyle in ways that felt natural to me. The Peloton app became a reliable companion on my fitness journey. I found that focusing more on weight training then cardio worked wonders for my body. I’ve been dedicated about 20 minutes a day to these workouts, and over time, I began to notice significant changes. And often times, I’ll do more than 20 minutes. 

However, exercise for me wasn’t just confined to structured workouts. I found joy in simple activities that kept me moving and engaged. I made it a habit to take long walks during the summer, enjoyed rounds of golf, and actively played with my kids, embracing any opportunity to stay active. Surprisingly, even house cleaning became a form of exercise—constantly moving and staying on my feet, I burned more calories than I realized.

One of the most crucial aspects of my fitness journey was eliminating the pressure to adhere to a strict regimen. I stopped overthinking every workout or meal, focusing instead on consistency and incorporating movement into my daily routine. My exercise routine was not about punishment but rather about feeling good and energized.

To kickstart my days, I adopted a brief morning meditation practice that gradually extended beyond ten minutes. It helped center my mind, set a positive tone for the day, and increased my overall mindfulness. This practice, combined with my commitment to staying active throughout the day, contributed to my gradual yet sustainable weight loss journey. Ultimately, it was about making small, manageable changes that aligned with my lifestyle and brought me joy. 

Beyond ensuring my days stay pretty active, my physical workout routine can be summed up as follows: I kickstart my mornings by spending 5-10 minutes on the mat, engaging in either yoga or meditation. Mid-day or in the evening, I devote 20 minutes to a strength training video. A few times a week, regardless of the weather, I find myself outdoors, convincing myself it’s just a 15-minute walk, which often extends into more. Finally, before winding down, I return to the mat for 5 minutes of reflection. The key here is to affirm to yourself, “just 5 minutes,” and naturally it evolves into a more extended and fulfilling practice.

1,2,3, feet on the ground, MOVE. Just start with 5 minutes- you got this! 

Skincare Routines for Wellness

Skincare and weight loss you might be thinking? Ya me too, but again, I know it’s played a role. Because the better I look and feel, the better I treat my body. Maintaining a skincare regimen isn’t merely about striving for clear, radiant skin; it’s a pivotal aspect of holistic wellness. Over time, I’ve come to realize the profound impact it has on my overall health and self-care routine. At first glance, these habits might appear straightforward or even trivial, but they weren’t always a consistent part of my life.

Every morning and night, I religiously cleanse my face, employing a variety of products from Mary Kay to Beauty Counter to Doterra oils. This ritual, while seemingly small, has become an essential anchor in my daily routine. Once a week, I carve out dedicated “self-care days,” indulging in a soothing facial and treating myself to a nail care session—an activity that boosts my spirits and brings me joy. Additionally, I’ve incorporated a daily routine involving a frozen roller for my face and periodic use of eye masks, creating a sense of rejuvenation and calm amidst the busyness of life.

A skincare routine transcends the mere application of products; it’s a form of self-nurturing. Beginning with cleansing, using a gentle yet effective cleanser helps rid the skin of impurities while maintaining its natural balance. This foundational step prepares the canvas for subsequent skincare steps.

Exfoliation, whether through physical scrubs or chemical compounds like AHAs or BHAs, aids in sloughing off dead skin cells, ensuring better product absorption and fostering skin cell renewal.

Hydration is key. A moisturizer tailored to my skin type locks in essential moisture, fostering a supple complexion and preventing dryness or excessive oiliness.

Sun protection is non-negotiable in my routine. Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen shields the skin from harmful UV rays, safeguarding against premature aging and sun damage.

Moreover, integrating serums or treatments enriched with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, or retinoids targets specific skin concerns and bolsters overall skin health.

Yet, skincare is more than just a series of steps and products. It’s a practice of self-care and mindfulness. This routine has become a sanctuary, a dedicated moment daily to prioritize myself, promoting relaxation and alleviating stress. Ultimately, skincare isn’t solely about maintaining a healthy exterior; it’s a deeply rooted expression of holistic wellness and self-compassion.

Managing Stress, Its Role in Weight-loss

Managing stress is integral to a successful weight loss journey. Stress and anxiety were huge for me that I had to self surrender too and welcome no more. Stress impacts our bodies in complex ways, often influencing our eating habits, metabolism, and overall well-being. When stress becomes chronic, it can lead to increased cravings for comfort foods that are typically high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. This, in turn, can hinder weight loss efforts.

High stress levels trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone linked to increased fat storage, particularly in the abdominal area. Moreover, stress can disrupt sleep patterns, affecting hormone regulation and leading to further weight-related challenges. The resultant fatigue and lack of energy might deter individuals from engaging in physical activity, essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey 3

Incorporating stress-management techniques into your routine is vital. Techniques such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, engulfing myself in my oils, yoga, or even a brief walk outdoors can significantly reduce stress levels. These practices help regulate cortisol, improve sleep quality, and enhance mood, creating a conducive environment for weight loss.

When used responsibly, essential oils offer an array of benefits, from aiding digestion to providing relief from occasional discomfort. Their versatility makes them invaluable, supporting a holistic and natural approach to well-being while enhancing daily life in various ways.

Additionally, cultivating a support network and engaging in activities you enjoy can alleviate stress. Seeking professional guidance or therapy to address stressors can also aid in overcoming emotional eating patterns and establishing healthier coping mechanisms. By managing stress effectively, individuals can positively impact their weight loss journey and overall well-being.

Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey 4

Essential Oils

I use doTerra essential oils daily, wasn’t sure where to plug this topic in because it’s apart of my skincare, my food consumption, my daily stress levels and more – basically my oils are integrated into every aspect of my life. Whether through diffusers to create a calming atmosphere or by adding a few drops of invigorating citrus oils like lemon into my water. The aromatic experience heightens mood and focus, contributing positively to each day.

Incorporating essential oils into daily life can significantly uplift overall health and well-being. These potent extracts, sourced from various plants, offer diverse benefits that influence both physical and emotional wellness.

In skincare, certain oils, like lavender for soothing and tea tree for addressing blemishes, complement my routine effectively. These oils bring notable enhancements to skincare regimens, amplifying their efficacy.

When used responsibly, essential oils offer an array of benefits, from aiding digestion to providing relief from occasional discomfort. Their versatility makes them invaluable, supporting a holistic and natural approach to well-being while enhancing daily life in various ways.

The Importance of Consistency and Patience

Consistency and patience in a holistic wellness journey embody the understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about embracing the reality that transformation takes time and that progress unfolds gradually, not all at once.

The journey toward a healthier lifestyle isn’t a race; it’s a series of consistent, intentional steps taken each day. It’s acknowledging that you can’t overhaul everything at once, nor can you expect immediate results. Patience intertwines with consistency when you realize that lasting change stems from steady, incremental progress.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a sustainable wellness routine. It’s the accumulation of small, deliberate actions—like incorporating supplements, embracing a mindful morning routine, adopting healthier eating habits, and gradually building a workout regimen—that collectively contributes to positive, long-lasting changes.

By recognizing that change unfolds over time and that consistency in small actions matters, you empower yourself to navigate the journey with patience. This mindset shift helps alleviate the pressure of rapid transformation, allowing you to appreciate the process, embrace each step, and cultivate lasting, meaningful change at your own pace.

Alright, friends, that was quite a journey we just took together. They often say weight loss is more than shedding pounds; it’s a lifestyle change. Now, I used to think that shift was merely about rethinking what you consume and making fitness an integral part of your daily routine for the long haul. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a comprehensive transformation encompassing mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life. And guess what? It’s not an overnight process. It’s about taking one step at a time, making one next best right decision after another, and embracing change incrementally.

Remember, it’s a journey that unfolds with each move you make, one change at a time. So, to everyone out there working towards their goals – YOU GOT THIS!

For me, it started at my tattoo journey, and it feels like I’m just getting started. But also know, I have a lifetime to go.

Morgan Molitor | Tattoo Journey


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