Back to the Laundry Room

Back to the Laundry Room 1

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That’s right. We’re back to our laundry room. If you remember back in January we spent a weekend refreshing our laundry room for under $500, plus showing you guys how you can do it too. There were a few things we still had wanted to do to the space, like the floor, but it didn’t fit into our $500 budget (and we didn’t have enough time to do it over a weekend) so we chose to wait.

Until now. We’re teaming up with Riad Tile on a fun little collaboration to teach all you cool cats how to tile a floor using cement tile. Riad Tile sells really unique cement tile designs all for $9 sq ft. When we saw their options, it was love at first site. The Erizo tile jumped out at me right away! Probably becuase it was blue and grey, our favorite colors.

And we couldn’t think of a more perfect place for this design than in our very own laundry room. We spent a few days last week tearing out our floors and laying new tile and, of course, we documented it all for you guys. We still have to put the video together so, until we get to that part, we just wanted to show you some of the fun we had!

Here’s the before of what the space looked like when we first moved into the home…

Back to the Laundry Room 2

And here’s what we transformed it into during our refresh. Check out how we refreshed and reorganized this space in a weekend and for under $500 HERE.

Back to the Laundry Room 3

Back to the Laundry Room 4

And goodbye flooring! We actually liked the light and bright feel the floor gave prior but the vinyl was really worn out and couldn’t say no to these fun tiles…

Back to the Laundry Room 5


Back to the Laundry Room 6

Back to the Laundry Room 7

We’re also going to be completely re-trim our home, starting with this laundry room. But we cannot decide for the life of us if we want to go light or dark. We like way too many styles and we blame our clients! haha! What do you guys think? Should we go light or dark for the doors and trim…?



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