Back to School – School Supplies Shopping Guide

Back to School - School Supplies Shopping Guide 1

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School supplies are important.

They provide your young pupil the ability to feel prepared for the upcoming school year.

I, like many of you, was always excited to get the new notebooks, a fresh set of mechanical pencils, and markers for the impending year of learning and fun. 

This parlayed into my adulthood. I still will walk through the school supplies section to see if there is anything I need to add to my supplies for work or even a future gift for someone that loves a nice pen as much as I do.

I remember a couple of years ago during one of my swoops through the school section my delight in finding the lone Lisa Frank spiral notebook featuring a unicorn on the cover.

My squeal was inevitable and I still feel a bit bad about startling the young child next to me, but it was Lisa Frank. IYKYK.

Back to School - School Supplies Shopping Guide 2

Schools provide convenient lists for parents and kids to pick up and the store and check off item by item as your first real assignment of the year.

This is my list of things for you to consider adding if you are looking to up the excitement factor for your kiddos or to up the school supply game in your own office. 

Back to School – School Supplies Shopping Guide

School Supplies Shopping Guide

  1. Ear Bud Cleaning Kit | 2. Reusable Utensil Set | 3. Bentgo Lunch Containers | 4. Beats Wireless Ear Buds | 5. To-Do List | 6. Cute Backpack | 7. Patterned Lunch Bag | 8. Water Bottle | 9. Reusable Plastic Baggies | 10. Gel Pens 

Earbud Cleaning Kit – This is really a thing everyone should have if they ever wear earbuds. Have you ever looked at the inside of those things?

Foul. This kit has all the tools to get foreign objects or bodily serums out of there.

Those tools are all housed in a convenient little metal box that is clearly labeled, which makes the filth less offensive.

Reusable Utensils – For kids who return the trappings and tools of their lunchboxes or responsible adults, so not me as a child or as an adult, but in theory an epic tool. Accessing utensils can be shockingly difficult in a school.

Depending on your child’s lunchroom set up it may require them to stand in a long line for a fork or spoon, or they may have the option of plastic only. A couple of benefits here: No line waiting means they can get to that snack pack ASAP, and these utensils are environmentally friendly and sanitized to your preference in your home. 

Bento Box Lunches – Picky eater? Maybe a kid that only likes grapes and turkey sandwiches?

Do you have a child who will refuse to eat their food if it touches another item of food in their lunch? Bento Boxes to the rescue!

These adorable boxes make it a little easier to solve the eater issues in your brood while making it even easier to put together multiple lunches at once. If you have multiple kids or if you are making lunches for the next day or two.

A couple of clear benefits: you can make one for yourself just in case you get caught in rush hour traffic or you know a lunch break is off the table for the day and these containers can be earmarked for your kids as “for lunches only” in a hope you will be able to hold onto the boxes throughout the school year. 

Beats Wireless Studio Buds – Perfect for listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or blasting music. Even perfect to throw in and get a quick workout in! These earbuds are tiny, can fit in any bag, and are great for everyday use. 

To-Do List Sticky Note – Take your chore list, grocery list, or homework help to the next level. The organizational inclination of these products makes my heart pitter-patter.

If you were a kid who came home with a list of chores to complete on the kitchen counter before you even thought about turning on that television, you will love these. I know a lot of people start their day or week with a clear list of things that need to be completed and the things we hope we will be able to complete.

Love this sticky note for you. 

Cute Backpack – This cute bag will make any kid excited to pack up their bag for school! But, is also perfect for you to use while running errands or taking your kiddos to the park.

This bag comes in a million colors, one to match everyone’s style. 

Patterned Lunch Box – The perfect cute lunch bag for your little one to take to school! Or, for you to take your lunch to work in!

It also comes in a bunch of super cute patterns. 

Water Bottle – Nothing beats a new water bottle – this one is cute and will keep your drink cold all day long. It comes in different colors and with different lid types.

Perfect to keep your kid hydrated during gym class and recess. 

Reusable Storage Bags – These little reusable food bags are perfect to throw snacks in. These are simple ways to reduce waste and up your lunch game! 

Gel Pens – Okay this one is for the adults. An old coworker of mine taught me about these pens.

Recently the company started making them without a cap. I like both styles, but sometimes holding onto a pen cap proves to be too much responsibility for me some days.

I am also someone who feels better, more productive, and more put together if I have a writing utensil with me that works well and is reliable. Silly to some, but vital to the success of others.

These pens are a constant in my office and I am frequently asking for my pen back from people who use them and immediately think to themselves, this is mine now.

Not. So. Fast. You can buy your own multipack. 

I hope some of these school supplies will help you and your kiddos this upcoming school year!

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