Best Spring Projects to Prioritize

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize

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With the 40-degree temps in Minnesota right now, I have spring on my mind. And since it’s been so cold out, we’ve been hibernating in our home as much as we can and have some major spring fever!

Even though it feels like spring is forever away, now that February has arrived, it’s right around the corner.

Once spring does hit and if you’re like us, you quickly feel like there are a million things to do. We thought we’d put a post together to help you prioritize because maybe you can even get a few things checked off now.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 1

1. Declutter

I don’t know about you, but anytime I wake up in less clutter, I start my day off better.

This is something we’ve been starting to do now in the cold winter months. Room by room, and weekend by weekend, we’ve been getting rid of everything that we know we haven’t used or worn since last year.

I’ve been packing it up in garbage bags and putting it into a section in the garage. Once spring hits, I’ll either have a rummage sale, or I’ll drive it over to the second-hand store to donate.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 2

By starting slowly throughout the winter months, you’ll be less stressed once spring hits and you’re ready to get rid of everything. Putting things in the garage for a bit also helps when packing things up.

Sometimes I find myself like, well, do I really want to get rid of this? Then I say, well, if I want it back, it’ll just be in the garage. And I guarantee, I won’t miss it.

2. Start Thinking About Greenery

If you’re a gardener, creeping into spring, you should start thinking about the greenery you want to grow in your home or out in your garden. With any herbs or vegetables, you’ll want to plant them inside first before spring hits, that way once there is no sign of frost your garden will be well on its way and ready to be transferred into the ground.

I’ve made the mistake of not planting my garden early enough, and then you have to wait twice as long to start eating your herbs, fruits, and vegetables while everyone else is enjoying theirs.

You can check out our DIY Planter ideas for your greens here.

3. Get Your Garden Ready

Once spring has sprung, you’ll want to get your garden cleaned up and cleared out, so that you will be ready to transfer everything you’ve been growing inside to the outdoors.

This might mean something as simple as clearing it out or a little bit more work and like building out your garden box.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 3

4. Clear Planter Beds

First thing I like to do in the spring is clean up my garden beds and shrubs from last year. With everything so wet, it’s easy just to grab and pull the old stuff right out. Once everything is dried up, is when you have to cut. Most plants start growing back fast, so it’s never any fun to have to cut around the new to get rid of the dead and old. As soon as it’s warm enough get out there and grab and pull out all of the old and you’ll be done cleaning up your garden areas in no time.

5. Lawn Care

While I focus on the care of our gardens and beds, Jamie focuses on our lawn. He wants to get the leaves cleaned out so our little dudes can get their motocross bikes out as fast as they can! Ha!

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 4

Each fall and spring we aerate our lawn. Typically this only needs to be done in the fall, but if you have compacted soil like us, it’s good to do it in the spring too.

Spring is the best time to prevent weeds from springing. Immediately spray for weeds once the snow melts. Before us doing this, as soon as our grass started growing back in, it was literally covered in dandelions.

If you don’t rake up your leaves in the fall, this is something else you’ll want to get done right away before all the wet weighted leaves kill your grass.

6. Roofing

If you need some roof repairs, I always say you can tackle this project right away since roofers pretty much work year around and with the industry the way it is, they book up fast! You’ll want to get on their schedule right away and take care of this project. You can always call my brother Noah, he works for Bison Builders and he will inspect your roof FOR FREE! 

7. Siding

Same goes with siding; those guys book up fast! If you want to get your siding replaced this year, I’d call Bison Builders and get on their schedule right away. Roofing and siding are some of the best ways to add some good curb appeal.

construction2style home exterior

Or even if you’re DIY’ing and simply just painting, you’ll want to start early but maybe not too soon. Like decks, you’ll want to make sure your wood is dry. We always recommend scraping when it’s late spring and then once you have a dry spell, get after it!


Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 5

8. Decks

Decks are usually high on the priority list for most homeowners. We don’t put this high on the spring priority list because you never want to stain a deck when it’s wet. You need to make sure your deck is really well dried out before you start stripping it down and staining it back up.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 6

However, if you are looking to hire it out and are doing a composite, which we always recommend, you’ll want to get on your contractor’s schedule.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 7

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 8

Best Spring Projects

9. Windows

Windows are another great spring and summer project! You want to make sure that it’s not too cold before you have holes in your home.

If your windows are rotted or outdated, the spring and summer are the perfect time to get them all replaced. They are also expensive and usually not high on the priority list.

Even though they are spendy, they help reduce drafts, improve your energy efficiency with both AC and heat, and enhance resale and curb appeal.

Since windows have a very long guarantee, depending on which supplier you buy from, if it’s about the money, we always recommend doing one floor of your home a year.

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize 9

10. Additions & Interior Remodeling

Additions, sunrooms, kitchen remodels, and more are all great projects to start thinking about come spring. With the high demand in good trade right now, you’ll want to get on their schedules.

If you’re just now thinking about these projects, come spring, they might already be booked out until the fall.

But come spring, it’s good to do your research and get on a contractor’s schedule for later in the fall and start preparing, designing, and budgeting now for your project later this year.

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

The best thing about getting interior remodeling planned out for construction in the summer or fall is that the crews can work outside. And while you might not have a kitchen, you can eat outside!

Even though these projects can easily be done in the cold months, as in the spring, summer, and fall, you’ll just be enjoying more time outside instead of inside, so that you really don’t mind any of the construction going on.

modern wood bathroom

Best Spring Projects to Prioritize | construction2style



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