Living through a Kitchen Remodel

remodeling during the holidays

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Our kitchen is underway, and I’m not sure what we were thinking starting demo Nov 1st, right in time for the Holidays.

Anyone that knows me, knows how obsessed I am with Christmas!

From decorating to entertaining to just simply listening to all the music. I absolutely love it all. It makes me SO freaking happy.

Last year, we moved into this home a couple of weeks before Christmas. The first thing to unpack was our tree. But I couldn’t decorate to the full extent that I love.

construction2style | New Home Makeover

And here we are a year later under construction and yet again, can’t decorate to the extreme. But that won’t stop our holiday cheer!

I’ve always dreamed of a home chucked FULL of Christmas. The previous year we were either too broke, or I was too cheap to buy all the decor that we wanted. Granted, we decorated. I just kept it simple. Well, maybe next year.

This year, all we’re doing is this cute little tree and of course our stockings. But… while I’m a little sad, we don’t spend the holidays here anyways. We rotate holidays with our families and hosting is at our parents, our former homes, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. This year for Thanksgiving it’s Jamie’s parents and Christmas is at home in Roseau.

So here we are… remodeling during the holidays…

Living through a Kitchen Remodel 1

We’ve already created some good memories though! The boys like to stand in front of the light and make monsters! Except for now Greyson has been finding his way to our bed come 2 am because he’s “scared.” It looks like the joke was on us, lol!

Living through a Kitchen Remodel 2

This is our first time living through a remodel. In our two prior homes, we completely renovated and finished before we moved in. But, knock on wood, it’s been surprisingly not been bad.

There’s nothing I love more than watching Greyson follow along in his daddy’s footsteps. Nothing honestly turns me on more about Jamie! Haha! No joke. It super attractive.

Greyson adores his dad. And to see the look in Jamie’s eyes reminds me why I married the guy. He’s so kind and lives in every moment.

And then here, late at night, is Greyson literally doing what he’s seen his daddy too. No instructions, nothing. He just picks up the hammer and gets to work. And of course, Jamie documenting it.

Living through a Kitchen Remodel 3

It also reminds us how much they watch every move we make! There are all these staples in the floor from the underlayment, and now we have to get them all up. It’s tedious and annoying. And so we’ve just been doing like 20 at a time when we’re waiting for dinner to cook, or watching a show, so it’s not so much at once.

So now that we have a couple of months down and probably two more to go, we wanted to share some tips to keep you sane if and when you’re remodeling…

Be Flexible

Remodeling can be very emotional.

If you haven’t been through a remodel, you probably think this is silly. If you have you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The best thing you can do through any remodel, whether during a holiday or not, is be flexible and be willing to adapt. You gotta be able to really roll with the punches and laugh little things off.

And if you can’t, drink a glass of wine. Relax. I always tell myself, we’re all healthy and alive, every other problem or issue you run into can be solved. We’re not brain surgeons here.

And keep the end game in mind! You’re getting a new kitchen (or bathroom or family room or master bedroom)!!

Declutter & Organize

Think of the positive; you get to go through all your crap and declutter!! When we packed things up in the kitchen I made three piles:

  1. We use regularly.
  2. Not sure the last time we used…
  3. What is this?

How to safely demo a kitchen | construction2style

From there I took the “use regularly” and made space in our mud room AKA our temporary kitchen.

The second pile, “not sure the last time we used,” we put in the basement in a corner. Probably not the best place (next to kids playroom) but I was over it.

And the third pile, “what is this,” we moved into the garage.

And here went my game plan…

“What is this?”
Listed on Craigslist and everything sold quickly.

“Not sure the last time we used”
I’m going to leave in the basement for about a year, who knows. When we finish the remodel, this stuff is staying there. And if I use it, it’ll work its way back into the kitchen. And whatever is left after four months is going to donation.

“Use regularly”
Of course will be moved back in ASAP once the remodel is done.

I’m not gonna lie; it’s already felt fantastic to realize how minimal we live and to get rid of all of our crap.

Under Construction kitchen remodel | construction2style

Stay Happy & Clean

Find your happy place and stay there. Remodels are stressful and when momma or daddy isn’t happy it affects the entire family.

We got this Build Clean a couple years ago, and it’s awesome! If you’re using a contractor, tell them to get one. We bring it to all clients’ homes, and it’s incredible. Or if you’re renovating your home, depending on the extent of the remodel (and future ones), you may want to invest in one.

Living through a Kitchen Remodel 4

Temporary Kitchen & Meal Plan

We setup a temporary kitchen and meal planning has been making our life pretty simple. Even though our laundry room isn’t the best kitchen space, it’s all we have to work with right now and the furthest room away from the dust.

We are officially down an oven, and our fridge isn’t looking so hot. But who needs a fridge when you’re living in MN and remodeling in the winter? Ha!

How to live through a kitchen remodel

The crockpots and griddles are the way to our heart lately… and a full pot of coffee…

How to live through a kitchen remodel

However, in a weird way, I feel like we’re saving money by remodeling our kitchen. I’ve never meal prepped so much in my life. I know exactly what I’m making for meals throughout the week. And I don’t buy one thing more. Becuase I know we can’t make it.

I’ve also been meaning to get an Instant Pot. Heard those things are glorious!

Leave Town

As much as I keep saying it probably wasn’t a good idea to do this remodel during the holidays the good thing is we’ve been gone a ton the last couple months. Jamie and I both have close families and holidays are all about going to grandma and grandpa’s house. So over Thanksgiving, we went there for a few days, and then Christmas came around, and we jetted up north to my family and my hometown. Come January, we’re KBIS bound.

While we’re out of town we try to have our team and subs doing the dirty work, to keep the boys from breathing the air and us out of their hair. It doesn’t always time so perfectly like that, but when it does, it makes remodeling your home a lot less stressful.

We always recommend this to our clients. We did a full kitchen remodel this past summer, and the Mom and her three kids packed their bags and went to grandma, and grandpa’s up north for a couple of months. And man, was she happy when she got back. Because we weren’t 100% done yet and only had to live through the chaos for a few weeks and that was too much.

Create a Vision Board

Keep your eye on the prize!

Vision boards, mood boards, goal boards…whatever you want to call it- make it.

I looove making these boards. It’s like adult coloring. Which I just learned is the only thing that activates both sides of your brain which has a lot of hidden benefits.

We are two months down now, and I do have to say, I’m a little tired of running as fast as I can to Beckam when I see him about to put lord knows what type of dirt or dust into his mouth. But…I just keep reminding myself what we’re getting and to be thankful. I know that sounds so cliche but it’s the truth. You and your family have worked extremely hard to remodel your home, and you are creating this beautiful space that you’re going to make a lifetime of memories in. Don’t take that lightly.

Make sure everything is perfect and just how you imagined and keep you eye on that prize! Whenever I’m a little…ugh…I just look at the mood board I created for the new space.

So if you’re going to DIY route, create a vision or mood board to remind you what you’re creating. Get out all of your magazines, print things off the internet, put up family photos, you name it. Everything that strikes you for your space, print it and add it to your board. Even if it has nothing to do with your design style. It might be overall things that inspire you for the space, add it on.

For example, I added a photo of Greyson and Beckam to our kitchen mood board because I wanted to remind myself of who we were working so hard for. It’s not about us, but our little boys. Every day we’re working our booties off for them and creating a HOME for them, for our family. Not just for next year but for when they’re 15 and bringing all their friends over and making pizzas and a mess out of our house. Haha! And home to create a lifetime of memories within. And, hopefully, installing finishing selections that are still going to be timeless then.

Kitchen Design Selections | construction2style



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  1. This kitchen is gorgeous!! Love what you’ve done with your home and your kitchen makes me so excited to renovate mine someday! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family my friend!

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