8 Best Women’s Blazers

best women's blazers

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Blazers are one of the most time-tested items in fashion, and every time a blazer comes up in a conversation I get super excited! Full disclosure: I am very biased. 

I love a good blazer. I lived in blazers from 2010 all the way through 2021. They can be styled and worn in so many different ways.

Blazer, the Perfect Third Layer

Just as in my last post, I discussed the absolute necessity of buying and owning a great dress; in this post, I will strongly encourage you to look through my selection of the best women’s blazers and buy one or several. 

Blazers come in various fits, shapes, and fabrics, making them a solid option everyone should have in their closet. Blazers are the perfect third layer and can level up or polish any outfit. 

best women's blazer

I compiled a selection of blazers that hit my favorites list. In truth, this list is much longer, but these are a good baseline selection. Also included are my recommendations for styling each of these trendy blazers. 

Timeless Staple Wool Blazer

I am a type A personality, so I have to start with my favorite timeless staple blazer. The Willa Blazer from J.Crew is the definition of that description. 

This Italian wool blazer will be with you for many seasons. I would vote for buying it in a classic color, like black or navy depending on your color and preference. 

Also, for your trendy blazer to last you a long time, for you to wear it in all seasons, it has to be wool and preferably Italian wool. I love Italian wool for several reasons. It ensures the longevity of a piece, holds its shape well, and is naturally odor resistant. 

If you are ever going to use this as a suit coat to wear with the same color pants, make sure you have a coordinating style in the same color. A good example is these Willa Italian Wool Pants.

Another pair of black pants would work, but in my opinion, there tends to be a higher likelihood for color variance between top and bottom, and with suits, it has to be crisp.

Beyond the standard suit, this blazer will become one of the most versatile items in your closet. Bet. You can pair it with basically everything from a graphic tee to leggings, a lace tank to a turtleneck, and back to a dress or oversized tee shirt. 

best women's blazer

Literally, everything. I worked for a large ready-to-wear retailer and lived in straight-leg denim, loafers, and a shirt. Every. Single. Day. I still love the look, and you will see me in some variation of it regularly. 

Admirable Crepe Blazer

If you love all of these ideas but want something that is not wool and a little trendier, The Willa Blazer in a crepe material would be my vote. Again, this is classic, but the fabric and the battalion (gold) buttons make it more of an era piece. 

8 Best Women's Blazers 1

Again, try to buy it in a classic color, for the most wear. If you want an excellent blazer for only spring and summer, grab it in a warmer color.

We could never discuss trendy blazers and not honor the queens who created this style dynasty. 

Coco Chanel-Inspired Blazer

Coco Chanel and Jackie Onassis were frequently seen wearing blazers, and part of their style legacy is firmly wrapped up with a cropped tweed-inspired blazer. 

This kind of fabric is frequently paired with pearl buttons and a matching skirt or dress. You can pair this blazer with the matching separate but don’t feel like that is the only option here. 

A pair of denim, a classic button-up shirt in a complimentary color, and a pair of espadrilles heels make this the perfect spring business casual or dressy brunch fit. 

These Jackie O. inspired blazers are one of the more structured styles, so I recommend keeping them pretty tailored with whatever pairs with a blazer like this. A super baggy tee or denim is just too hard of a juxtaposition in my experience with a piece like this. 

Floral Blazer

floral blazer? Yes, absolutely, yes. A lot of times, people feel the menswear look just doesn’t jive with their personal style.  

best women's blazer

That’s cool, I get it. BUT! There are always blazers that read much more unexpected than the standard timeless blazer. This floral embossed fabric is an excellent option if you want something fun and whimsical.

This piece is a classic black and flattering mid-rise cut blazer, but this fabric is anything but standard. It shimmers and has so much texture.

Pair this with a romper, a pair of bike shorts and an active tank or black jumpsuit. I love this blazer so much. It’s a great option for someone who likes the idea of a blazer but doesn’t just want a classic staple.

Herringbone Classic Women’s Blazer

The opposite of this floral blazer is this slightly oversized herringbone menswear-inspired blazer. The accentuated shoulder, fit, pattern, and material perfectly skirt the vintage menswear vibe, but we know that it’s a classic women’s blazer.  

Herringbone is one of those unique patterns that has a lot of texture close up but almost looks like a solid color from far away. This just means it will increase the versatility of what you can wear with this piece.

trendy blazer

I would pair this with a bright color and a different textured fabric. For example, a satin or floral button-up would be a nice contrast and compliment the neutral nature of this piece.

I love playing up the vintage vibe of this blazer with a chunky mock-neck sweater during colder months. Do not be afraid to buy this slightly oversized, belt it, and wear it as a mini dress or with bike shorts.

Vegan Leather Blazer

If you are someone who likes statement pieces and not staple pieces in your closet or perhaps you have enough blazers and are ready for something different in this category. 

This quilted vegan leather blazer is a fashionista win every day, and it is my favorite rogue pick. It’s a piece you most likely won’t wear a lot, but when you do, you will feel like today’s version of a Fly Girl from In Living Color.

I would wear this with a toned-down outfit like a plain white tee, denim, combat boots, or a classic stiletto. Accessorize with coordinating small but sparkly jewels and your favorite handbag. She is a bold choice for a bold person, and I love it. 

The modern-day Jackie Onassis, Megan Markle, has been regularly rocking a blazer from designer Veronica Beard. While a classic, the cut of this blazer is much more angular and attracts the eye to the natural waist, making it a nice, subtly sexy option. 

Pair this with jeans, a classic white button-up shirt and stilettos if you want the exact Megan Markle dupe look. A couple of other styling options with this piece would be to layer over a shift dress or a tiered midi dress.

Pair it with a low-heeled sandal or raffia wedge. My other favorite look with this blazer is to pair it with a tight top, like the leather tank Morgan lived in last year, and a flowing pair of wide-leg pants. 

Houndstooth Blazer

Houndstooth is the sister of herringbone, also a classic women’s blazer. My favorite fall blazer is a houndstooth patterned blazer in tones of brown. I can already see the riding boots, leggings and varsity sweater moments.

Can you taste the PSL commercials on Spotify? The blazer pulls double duty. You can wear it as a blazer or treat it like a fall coat.

No matter how you shake it, this piece is a classic to have at the ready for the colder months of the year. Add a band tee, a pair of tailored pants or a midi skirt with a pair of boots for an elevated and trendy spin. 

trendy blazer

Best Blazer on a Budget 

Finally, I am a girl who understands a budget. Do I disregard my budget, especially in shoe sections? Yes, that too, but I have a favorite blazer under $100 for you to round out your selections.

This particular blazer could also fall into the category for a favorite satin blazer, but maybe in another blazer blog post, we will have that category. This Steve Madden blazer is a lovely silky smooth fabric.

It is perfect for layering over brightly colored two-piece sets or destructed denim. The contrast of the white or black satin fabric will pair well with both options, as well as a flowing floral dress, jumpsuit, or pair of overalls.

Keep it monochromatic with a matching top and pants paired with the blazer. Let the satin blazer be the star of the show with whatever choice you make. She is a beauty!

8 Best Women's Blazers 2

    1. Favorite Timeless Staple Blazer 2. Favorite Updated Classic Blazer 3. Favorite Jackie O Inspired Blazer 4. Favorite Floral Blazer 5.Favorite Menswear Inspired Blazer 6. Favorite Rogue Blazer 7. Megan Markle’s Favorite Blazer 8. Favorite Fall Blazer 9. Favorite Blazer Under $100                                                      Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Although we get paid a commission when you click through our links, all opinions and content are our own and we stand behind all brands and products we are sponsored by. 
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