Buy the dress. Life is too short to blend in.

Buy the dress. Life is too short to blend in. 1

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As a stylist, a common concern I hear from clients is they don’t have the clothing they need for specific occasions. I believe in keeping a small but solid collection of go-to items in your closet at all times so you are ready for the unexpected adventures that life can throw. Long story short, buy the dress because life is too short.

Buy the dress, it will set you free

I love dresses for the ease factor. It’s one piece that alone immediately frees you from worrying about properly pairing your pants with a top, overthinking if pants fit or if they are slightly too short, and googling if you even own the right pair of shoes to complete the ensemble.

Finding a dress for an event can be a pressure-filled and stressful process for many people. The unfortunate part is that you might remain unsuccessful at the end of it all because finding that perfect dress is not that simple.

If you have a roster of pieces you know and love, you can often avoid the panic shopping session online at 2 am or a trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon.

A small collection of dresses ready to roll in your closet can become a game changer for many people, even for a person who typically doesn’t wear dresses.

What I find fascinating is that those people typically benefit from having a warm-weather go-to and a colder-weather option on the ready the most.

The level of peace that prevails when you walk into your closet under a time crunch to get dressed, knowing you have a dress you will feel great and look fabulous in, is peak level zen.

Imagine a classic wrap dress. There are many options: long, knee-length, mini, patterned, or satin. There is one perfect one for everyone.

Inspiring Dress Styles: 

I have models trying out some of my favorite cuts that will give you enough inspiration and point you in the right direction.

1. Wrap Dress 

Kayla and Leah are both wearing a version of a wrap dress. Kayla’s is a lined matter satin fabric with a wrap at the highest part of the waist. Flattering, dressy, and ready to party!

Leah is in a wrap dress of a similar color scheme, but the fabric is a modified crushed velvet with centered wrap detailing. This dress is short, hitting at the knee or slightly above if you are taller than 5’6.

These dresses feature kindred elements but have entirely different fits and looks. Kayla’s dress is a classic. This dress carries the ability to cross over many different occasions.

I would recommend a dress like this for a spring wedding, a baby shower, or a semi-formal event.

Buy the dress. Life is too short to blend in. 2

Kayla’s Dress

Leah’s dress is more modern and trendy, so its staying power may be shorter, but the jewel tone and warm fabric make this piece a winner for a company holiday party, a fall wedding, or a date night.

Again, this dress is best suited for a semi-formal or elevated casual event. The length of the dress and its fabric limit it to specific times of the year, especially in Minnesota.

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Leah’s Dress

Some things to keep in mind about wrap dresses:

First and foremost, don’t be afraid of them.

Do not give up after you try one wrap dress that turns into a disaster. The dimensions and fit of this style are what make it. The area where the dress ties, the fabric, and the pattern will all play a crucial part.

This dress fits best when it is not super form-fitting. Due to the wrap style, the fabric needs to be able to move, be bloused, pinned, tucked, or all of the above. If the wrap dress is too form-fitting, it will fight you and make you uncomfortable.

Do not be afraid of a bold pattern. Diane VonFurstenburg built a fashion empire on boldly patterned wrap dresses, and she is still a household name in women’s ready-to-wear fashion. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.

2. Dresses with Dazzle and Sparkle 

Roz and Katie are wearing dresses with dazzle and sparkle. These dresses are very different styles and serve different purposes.

First up, Roz. She is wearing a pretty classic silhouette. I love this double drop neck and back on her. Roz is stunning.

Her blunt bob paired with her exposed decollete epitomizes feminine, dainty, and elegant. Adding some loud sparkles throws the senses off and is super fun.

The long lines on this dress elongate her legs, naturally accentuating her fit frame. It has a bunch of fun movements in the bottom of the skirt, making it an excellent option for a party that has dancing.

Unfortunately, I did not have the right shoes for her for this evening. I would have paired this dress with a classic black kitten heel or stiletto to give her even more height and long lines. This dress would make this an excellent option for a formal event, especially if you prefer not to feel restricted.

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Roz’s Dress

It’s hard not to notice that Katie has stunning red hair, fair skin, and light eyes. This textured neutral was a fun western-inspired and perfect “moment” dress.

Everyone should have a dress that is a moment dress. What do I mean by that? Well, this is a dress that makes the world hush once you make an appearance because nothing else matters at that moment.

It pulls you in and tells you how much of a baddy you are. The metallic tones of the beading were a great complement to Katie’s hair color.

The scalloped skirt shape created a long line on her leg. With shorter dresses like this, one thing to be aware of is to pay attention to where the hemline hits.

Mini-length dresses should lay right where the leg starts to taper to the knee! This dress is ideal for a nash bash weekend, a concert, or a themed party. This piece is more casual, but you could dress it up with fun sparkly booties and full-face makeup or styled hair.

Buy the dress. Life is too short to blend in. 3

Katie’s Dress

My number one recommendation is – Be bold and buy the dress. Buy more than one. Lend those dresses to your friends.

Investing in feeling good and wearing something you feel great in will be completely worth it.

Buy the dress. Life is too short to blend in. 4

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